Fibro Fog....I LOST 50 DOLLARS...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IowaMorningGlory, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I can't believe it. I went to pay the electric bill today. I went to get the money out of my purse to go to the bank...and a 50 dollar bill was gone.

    This is so scary,,,but I must have given to someone as a 1 dollar bill. (Lucky them)

    Worst part, now I am 50 short for my electric bill and feel like a complete idiot!

    I keep telling my family the brain fog is getting worse and all I get is "oh, I do that too". Ya this could have happened to someone else too, but it didn't it happened to me and I feel like I let everyone down because of it.

    Just needed to vent, thank you all for listening.
    Blessed Be,
  2. ladykew

    ladykew New Member


    I'm sorry for your bad experience. I've had this happen to me many times, but a lot of the times, the missing item does turn, it may turn up yet in a pocket or in a different place in your pocketbook, etc. I hope it does, but if it doesn't, I'm truly sorry for your loss, but please don't be hard on yourself.

    The brain fog is real. Sometimes I call my Mother to come over and help me look for things. She usually finds them. One time we thought my glasses were lost for sure. I opened the drawer in my bathroom, and to my amazement, there were my glasses caught in the entangelement of the hairdryer cord. Even my hairdryer was out to get me!!! LOL!

    Vent all you want, sweetie. We all need to sometimes.

  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    I do the same thing, although not usually with money.
    I lose other things and will look like crazy for them.
    And: they always turn up and I have to laugh about the fibro-fog.

  4. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I sure hope there is some way that a good citizen could return it to you. We are all so financially strapped so that $50 means a lot.
  5. TKE

    TKE New Member

    Don't feel bad I did the same thing last year. I think I spent a $50.00 bill as a $20.00. They looked to much alike then.

    I NEVER get any bills bigger than 20's now & I pay by check if possible.
  6. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    who knows
    You may need that 50 one day and reach into your pocket and Wow a 50 will come out :)
  7. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I feel better already, and I think I will keep some suggestions in mind. (Well actually I better write them down, because if I keep them in my mind I will lose them for sure) :)

    I am going to from now on, not have anything bigger than a 20 in my purse.

    Keep checking those pockets and hope I find the will be like christmas! :)

    And be thankful I have others on this messageboard who make me feel better when I am down. (Most important one!)

    Thank you everyone and kitten hugs to all,
    Blessed Be,

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