Fibro Fog or just very forgetful

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  1. Shelle16

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    I just was wondering if any of you ever just forget ordinary common things? For example I will spend time making out grocery list so i wont forget what i went in there for and then leave the list in the car when I get there. Also I forget where I put money, checkbook,If I have paid bills or not?I sometimes drive down the road and have to think where I'm going? My kids think I'm just very unorg anized and that really bothers me.Any comments would be appreciated or any suggestions
  2. Shelle16

    Shelle16 New Member

    I just was wondering if any of you ever just forget ordinary common things? For example I will spend time making out grocery list so i wont forget what i went in there for and then leave the list in the car when I get there. Also I forget where I put money, checkbook,If I have paid bills or not?I sometimes drive down the road and have to think where I'm going? My kids think I'm just very unorg anized and that really bothers me.Any comments would be appreciated or any suggestions
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    Dont feel bad, I have been in a past life sooo organized, now I too forget where I am going or worse have no idea where I am! All of a sudden while driving, nothing will look familiar at all. I have also put my car keys in the fridge, left them in the car while shopping. Thank goodness my car is oooolllddd and no one wants to take it. I too forget lists and have no idea most days wether I have paid bills or not.
    I know this is FIBRO FOG. I have no doubt about it. Dont worry, I think the stress of worrying makes it all worse?
    Hang in there, maybe my Take one minute at a time,(sometimes a second at a time) will work for you?
    Hugs to you
  4. Shelle16

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    Thanks for your reply. it helps to know that someone understands.Sorry you experience the same thing though it can be scary though. Another one of my great examples is i will load the close in the washer come back a little later ito put clothes in dryer and the lid is still up on the washer. No wonder my kids think I'm crazy! Thanks for the support is realy appreciated.
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    yesturday it took all day to empty the bathroom bin.everytime i went upstairs to empty it i came down and i didnt know what i went up for!!!!! fibro hugs to you,it can only get better? luv sharon
  6. Shirl

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    Join the club of 'Fibro Fog'! I buy clothes, put them in the closet find then six months later and wonder where they came from. I have bought the same items twice sometimes more, this encludes books (expensive fog). I had so much of the same kinds of canned food, that I gave them to my daughter and the food drive we have here once a year! This is a part of our lives.

    Now I keep a list on the fridge of what I need, the checkbook in the same drawer (I have a three page checkbook, so just take a few checks with me when I go shopping, and put the check # on the receipt so I don't screw the check book up!).
    I am in the process of making a computer list of books on health that I have, so that I don't do that one again, if I go to the bookstore, I take a list of what I am looking for, and will take the list of ones I have!

    I feed my dogs at the same time everyday, so I don't 'forget' to feed them! Plus I have one outdoor dog that barks at 2pm everyday for her food, I think she knows I have Fog, therefore she and the other one has fresh water and food everyday at the same time!

    I could write a book on Fibro Fog, it has been that bad. I have been at this for 20 years.

    My biggest thing is forgetting words and names, I hate that the most! I have been a tremendous reader all my life, and could quote chapter and verse on everything I read, from the Bible to a novel, but those days are gone.

    I did get some help, and thats from taking 'Ultra B-Complex(High Potency with Folic Acid), from Pro Health. Its not near as bad as it used to be.

    I also started drinking water, half my body weight in ounces a day. That was a tremendous help. Both took about a month or so to start kicking in. Now I am pretty good with the memory, but if I get stressed or over tired it comes right back. Its not a cure, but it sure helps a great deal.

    HOpe you get some help soon too, this is really stressful, and the stress can make the Fog worst.

    Shalom, Shirl

  7. LindaGa

    LindaGa New Member i know this is not funny but i had to read this to the hubby because shirls thing about clothes got me laughing my hubbys always asking why i need clothes when i go shoping and i tell him i need clothes and he says you got a closet full you havent wore with the tags still on i come home and look and hes right then i forget them again, the name and word thing and it isnt the keys in the frige its the phone and also i forget to turn it off after a call so hubby has to come home because he cant get me and gets worried reading this to him may help him understand. Theydingbat or my son says earth-to- mom.T
    Good Laugh I need that LindaGa ps. not making light of the fog i live in it alot
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    That's how often I forget things. Get up to get something and halfway across the room, forget what I'm going after, driving somewhere then realize I've forgotten where I'm going, going to the grocery and coming home without the main thing I went for in the first place....the list goes on and on. It upset me when I first realized I was doing this, then I just figured, hey, things could be worse, and now I just laugh at myself.
  9. Kathryn

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    I think that we all have our foggy moments. I go to the store and when I come out I look for the wrong car, which usually has the keys locked in it. When I was still working (I was a city bus driver), I had to have one of my regulars sit in the "shotgun" seat and make sure I didn't make any wrong turns. One morning I even drove off with the wrong bus. That was embarassing!!! One advantage is being able to read a book more than once and not remembering it. It really saves on the book bill. Just tell the family that this is one of the problems we have, and ask for their help. If you can learn to laugh about it, it helps.
  10. phenom

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    reading all your posts gave me a good laugh - thanks everyone! i too am a maker of many many lists, only to lose them and have to start again! most ppl have shopping lists, i have living lists!

  11. jpswife_4boys

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    I was just diagnosed in August with fm, didn't have much knowledge about it. I had to do alot of research on my on. I believe you, like me are dealing with fibro fog. I have been getting real bad for the last 2 yrs at forgetting things like you mentioned. It's enough to make you think you're going crazy. (me anyway) I've had people mention that I probably have too much on my mind, or I'm showing signs of getting old. (I'm only 33) I once forgot my shoe on my way to work. (LOL it's funny now that I look back) Although the fog can be irritating, I have to just laugh at myself or share my experiences with my family so we can all have a good laugh. If I didn't laugh about it, it would get the best of me.

  12. Rozmund

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    Shelle - you sure hit a bulls eye - we are with you on that one. Page 199 - 207 in Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Survivor Manual speaks on this from the reasons, to the steps to control. Big issue and one not
    understood by the average doctor. There is help - but so is a great sense of humour which you did evoke in most of us - next to love, I think understanding each other is so good - even support is great but there are times when a supporter does not understand.. you have to be in our shoes as it were....this is a wonderful Board.....I love to see the optimisim here and there - and for those of you who are still in the "hell" stage - there is not give up...but it takes a bit of work, and a lot of concentrating on yourself....something I think most FM'ers have not done a lot of in their lives - I think we have been the rollers and shakers, the givers and the flip the will be worth it. My motto is I want to keep my tissues healthy s possible so that when the day comes when they can figure this thing out - I will be ready for a real treatment - the numbers are staggering - 20 million folks in every country , all ages, all levels in life have this affliction from mild, moderate to awful - it is becoming every government's worst let us educate our doctor's or find educated ones. And "flash"!!!! test their knowledge from time to time - compare it to a text book on the subject....For must tell your dentist that you have FM - it matters - any operation no matter how small - using aenesthetics - it matters...they must be made aware... One of my specialist just got back from a Seminar on Muscle-Skeletal Diseases and FM was covered quite thoroughly. So they are becoming aware that they must step up to the plate....
  13. kay

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    good ole fog. I came out of thE STORE one day and it was when I had my thunder bird, well I was useing my key pad trunk opener, to open the truck of the car<<< WELL it wouldn't open. I hear this guy yelling, IT'S OVER HERE AND POINTING !!!!! The trunk was open,on my car, on the next row over. I had to laugh, or I would have felt more stupid then I already felt!!! AT least it was the same color as mine!! Now I know why I have a nissan truck, I dont have to worry about the trunk ha!! About 2 weeks ago I was at the drug store, wrote out my check, got my perscription, said thank you and started to leave. YES--- I PUT MY CHECK BOOK ,back in my purse, check and all. The lady looked at me like-- just what she needs-- more drugs ha!!!! I can go on and on. LOL, LINDA
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    I understand....My family and friends and co workers are saying that I seem to not be myself any more. Like I am in a FOG. I tell that that I am tired. This is true...tired of having to fight the pain and with my doctor to write the meds. It bothers me too that I can forget what I was doing. I find that I am scatter brained and sometimes I think I am experiencing some type of dementia(spelling). The other day I do not remember the last 30 minutes of my hour long drive to work. That really scared me. I am starting a new job on 12/1 and will need to be in tip top shape, but good luck.

    Keep us posted...feel free to email me at

  15. charlie47

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    I make list after list to get me through the day. What I have to do that day, appts to keep, to feed the cats and dogs,ect. I sometimes leave food on the stove and forget, of course food is burnt. Twice I almost burnt the house down. This scares me sometimes. Now I make lists for everything. But looking back I have to laugh at some of things I do. Fibro fog is normal for me. I have found money in the oddest places. You are not alone, you have support here. {{{{{soft hugs}}}}}} Hope this helps good luck and take care charlie
  16. Shelle16

    Shelle16 New Member

    thanks again for all your replies. It helps to know everyone is in the same FOG I'm in. I have left water boiling on the stove numerous times I haven't burnt the house down yet but I've burnt up A few pots! LOL!! I guess laugher is the best way to deal with it. I don't think it is going to get any better.