Fibro-Fog strikes again

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BethM, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. BethM

    BethM New Member

    Last night, while talking to my mom on the phone, I needed to check a phone number for her, and the number was in my cell phone. Well, we chatted for about 5 minutes, while I searched the house for my cell phone. Ummmmm, I finally realized I was talking to her on it. Duhhhhhhh!

    Saturday we went out to buy a new light fixture for the guest bathroom, as we are having the interior of the house repainted, and doing some refurbishing. (After 17 years, it NEEDS it!) I had a bad case of teflon brain, good thing my spouse was there, because the saleslady kept looking at me as if I was nuts when I'd ask her a question she had just answered 3 minutes ago, and that was a minor example of my ditzy brained behavior. Good thing I didn't have to make any major decisions by myself. FibroFog in action, again.

    Having a tough week, seriously considering staying home tomorrow. Between the PMS and the FMS and Fog, I'm not sure how many active brain cells I have at the moment. This too, shall pass... I hope.

    I'm trying to keep smiling today, will see my talk therapist tonight after 2 reschedules, hoping for a quiet day in my office. It's raining, and that usually keeps the kids in their classrooms.

    In fog we trust,
  2. Lendi

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    Sometimes, when it is really bad, I get lost coming home from work. There is one turn that I just do not turn at. And, we're talking a little town, here. LOL Also, had a really big snow storm. My hubby very kindly went out and scraped windows for me so I could go to work. I could not get the car doors open. Yep, tried them all. So, I came back inside, called him at work and said the doors were frozen shut. He said "um, they worked when I tried them before work. Did you unlock the doors". Haven't lived that one down quite yet, but it's only been a week. I'm sure a new fibro fog will set in to give us something to laugh about. :)
  3. evileva

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    I sent my Dad to get a prescription refilled for my Mother and I had just refilled it the day before! LOL I have also tried to cook my oatmeal in the fridge. I especially love it when you are talking with someone and go blank right in the middle of the conversation. LOL, never a dull moment with us is there?
  4. LindaLoonyTunes

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    The last time I visited my friend in Florida I could tell she was really get peaved by my constantly interrupting her over the course of our visit. I finally said (as I interrupted her once again) "I'm sorry but I have to tell you this before I forget it!" Now that is sad.
  5. KarenL47520

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    I will be trying to tell John or my mom something and it just all disappears as I am in mid sentence. I then think, why did I even start this conversation!!! One day recently when I was trying to get through an afternoon of work, I transcribe operative reports and do a ton of orthopedics, and I could not remember how to spell finger. Now does that sound crazy or what??!! But yes I know exactly what you mean. I go to another room in the house, by the time I get there, forgot what I went there for so I have to back up and regroup. It gets so frustrating at times.
  6. bejo

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    Fibrofog is great,isn't it?..LOL..Most of the time I feel nutty,and can only hope that everybody else doesn't think so too.Maybe we should all wear a sign that says--sorry, but the fog is thick right now and I can't see what I'm saying--.LOLOL
  7. LeLeHpr

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    I had a bad case of "The FOG" on Monday...I was in my garage getting ready to go the gym, as I had taken the day off because I did not sleep on Sunday night. So, I go the garage, notice all my windows/sunroof were left down from the night before..Then, since my doors were locked, and for some unknown reason I decided not to use the remote and pull up on lock to unlock the door....WHAMMMMMMM The alarm is screaming....Talk about being scared to death..That shock allmost gave me a heart attack...Talk about a blond/fybor fog moment...LOL
  8. amilyne

    amilyne New Member

    hi so i have one to add..i was at Target with a friend of mine and we were looking at cat boxes for her cat and i put my purse on the shelf to reach for something ..then we left the area and shopped for about 20 more minutes and we go to the checkout and my purse is gone...and this store is not on a great neighborhood at ofcourse i thought someone stole it and im running around the store freaked out checking every place id been ..of course not the cat isle...i hadnt been there as far as i is looking for my purse and finally a man saw me and asked if id lost something(i looked freaked out i guess) and i said yes and thankfully he gave my purse to someone...i was so embarressed that i thought someone stole it when i left it there ready to be stolen..oh well its funny now but that was a scary moment .lol
  9. slippers_us

    slippers_us New Member

    I thought I was the only 1 experiencing this...the other day I put my puse on the sofa, went to the bathroom, came out and couldn't remember wher I put it. I've always had a very good memory and it's getting really memory is getting worse when it comes to things like that. Is there anything you can do? Samantha (NJ)