Fibro Fog!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Charleneyz1984, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Charleneyz1984

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    Well ijust have to tell you about this....

    I was in fromt of about 150 people the other day in a meeting and i went to make a comment and mid sentence the fog set in!

    I was sat there like an idiot with everyone waiting and silent for me to finish!

    I had to say 'sorry i cant remember' and some people looked at me like i was stupid!!!

    Sometimes its funny, but in this instance i had to leeve the room and couldnt stop crying!

    Have decided its better to be silent then give my opinion which im likely to forget anyway!

    Anyone had similar experiences??

  2. Fudge43

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    It is bad enough that I've started menopause ( I'm 48 ) but the fibro thing is enough to drive me up the wall .. never mind trying to remember what I was going to say in mid sentence .. but going half way up the stairs or into a different room determined to do something and suddenly forget what the heck it was ... for the first time in my life I locked my car keys in my trunk and I thought I would completely loose it .. my husband was well on his way to Florida with a friend ( we are in Ontario Canada ) and I thought he was the only one with my spare key .. I phoned home for my son and he thought I was having a nervous break down at the mall calling him in such a panic .. in the end he had a key to my car .. but all of these "moments" take a toll .. what can we do but try to laugh it off after we stop screaming and sweating ?? LOL
  3. orachel

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    Oh, I can only imagine how I'd have reacted in that situation! Good thing you left the room before you started crying hysterically...I probably would have burst into tears at the table, so pat yourself on the back for your restraint!
    I've just started to get "the fog"....I'm not able to work, so it wasn't so obvious to me at first. Just suddenly not able to concentrate while reading or watching movies (two of my very favorite pasttimes, even before fm), but the worst for me is inability to "grab" the words I'm searching for out of the air. Other day, I flat out couldn't remember the word "suspicious"! Totally freaked me out...I was an english major in college, for crying out loud!
    I tried to explain my concern about this to my doctor, that my body had totally rebelled against me with the FM, and now it felt like my mind was flipping out also, but he totally dismissed it. Kind of like "Oh, well you'll get used to it...reaction to your meds."
    I'd be really interested to know what others have found useful to fight this. Has me feeling like a drooling idiot, and I just don't know what to do about it, except burst into hysterics, of course!
  4. orachel

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    Oh, forgot to thing that always makes me feel a bit better is a story I read on one of these FM sites...
    Woman was describing her foggy mind, and said she flat out couldn't remember what she did with newly washed laundry. Said she remembered doing the load, but couldn't find it anywhere, hadn't folded it and put it away. Was still looking some time later when went to start dinner (Who is this miracle woman!? If I could manage laundry and making dinner in one day I'd be dancing in the streets!)....Entire pile of clean clothes was stuffed into her oven!

    Anyway, hope you got as much of a kick out of this as I did!