Fibro Fog . . .

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  1. finnigan1229

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    I found my salad makings in the pots and pans cupboard yesterday . . . I think my husband put it there to confuse me (lol). Just curious about some of the things others have done.
  2. finnigan1229

    finnigan1229 New Member

    I found my salad makings in the pots and pans cupboard yesterday . . . I think my husband put it there to confuse me (lol). Just curious about some of the things others have done.
  3. donmia

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    I went to a dr last week . She asked why i took zantax. I culdnt remember. I have had a hiatal hernia for years. lol
    She said "Do you have reflux" I felt so silly so, i just said Yes. We have to laugh at ourselves or we will go nuts. haha
  4. Cheka

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    Where the bathroom light switch is! I have even found myself staring at the water spigots trying to figure out which one is the hot and which one is the cold. If the dogs look at me sad enough, I will convince myself they have not been fed yet, but my husband will jump in and tell me "yes, you have already fed them." I could go on and on!!!
    A brain is a terrible thing to waste!!! lol! I wish I had a choice!!
  5. granmama

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    Yesterday, I packed some afterschool snacks to take to my grandkids.
    When, my husband came home from work and got a soda he found the ziploc baggies in the refrigerator.


  6. Jackie F

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    But it can be a serious situation as well.

    But I have some suggestions for easing this!

    About going to the doctor:
    You will find it less stressful if you have a list that you can update often.
    I keep a list on computer of all medications, supplements that I take, and I update each time I change, or every time I visit a doc. I can't tell you how many nurses and staff love me because I make their jobs easier. They now ask for my update.
    I do the same thing with health conditions, medications I have taken. Why they work or didn't work. I keep a list of meds that have caused me problems, etc.
    That way when I go to docs, new or not; my mind is clear to think about current events--not about what has happened. And yet, I am safe from another RX of another medication I am allergic or imtolerant of.

    I keep a copy of my health conditions and meds at the local ER. I haven't needed one for many years now. So recently, instead of giving them my update; I decided to just keep one in the 4-Runner to take with us should I need it. This has been a real saver too. The ERs take me more serious. BTW I have a list of all my treating doctors, as well.

    For anyone who has trouble getting narcotis at the ER:
    Type up a form letter, indicating that you are a chronic pain pt and are under treatment by Dr. so & so and then list all medications that you are currently taking. Listing the doc who RX'd it, as well. And ask the doc's office if they would please stamp their license stuff or doc's signature on it. I always kept a copy for ER weekend trips, back in the days when I needed them. I have never been denied narcotics or any other medication.

    Just another of my; planning for the worst, but expecting the best!

    Jackie F
  7. donmia

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    I do bring a list of meds. But i guess i should also bring a list of problems. Thank for the idea. I too keep the list of meds. on the computer. Then before my appt.i just print it.
  8. nje

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    well i beleive i can top some of your fibro fog. i had a 10:00 appt. for a root canal. i went down the road on my merry way, thinking ,gosh i got about 15 mintes to kill,so i pull in to the parking lot,and decided to just sit there and listen to music and relax,then it hit me,i was at the eye doctors office whom i hadn`t saw in almost a year,i still don`t know where my head was,anyway,i had to call the root canal doctor,tell him i was on my way, i shared my reason with the nurse,who just laughed, but this kind of thing happens to me a lot now. also 1 morning i started brushing my teeth, and my mouth started burning really,really bad, i told my mom who i was caring for at the time,that my mouth was burning, i went back into the bathroom,there lay Ben gay with the top off and toothpaste untouched,no lie, i freaked out, i was rinsing and splaterring water in my mouth just knowing i was ruint for life. we laughed over it after it was all over with.also 1 time i put eye drops in my ears,which was no biggie,but then another time i put ear drops in my eyes, just knew i had blinded my self for life. but i promise, all this stuff happened to me and i was in a fibro fog when i did them too.
  9. Ellie5748

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    No kidding. I bought a book on how to improve my memory and I'll be darned if I know where I put the stupid thing!! Also, today, for the first time in my 51 years, I locked my keys in the car when I went to visit my mom. Thank God my husband was going in that direction to go to Lowe's. I called him on his cell and he stopped to use his spare set. At least he wasn't upset with me. In fact he looked somewhat sad when he saw how upset I was. YUCK!! I hate what this has done to my memory. My husband has threatened to tie a note pad around my neck. I suppose I would just lose the pen though. Tee hee. Have a gentle day.


  10. Wildcat

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    I worked at a hospital in my hometown, worked in the ER as a Registration Clerk, you would not believe how helpful it is to bring a list of ALL current meds, and names of your Doctors that are treating you, and their phone numbers. I have had to look up (for the ER docs) on my computer many times of a patients past visits, and hopefully find a Doctors name, (specially when pt is experiencing Fibro Fog)It is very impressive to the hospitals of people that bring in their information with them, keep a copy in your purse or wallet, just in case you come in with a true emergency other than Fibro, it lets the doctors know right away that you are a Fibro or CFS patient if you can not talk for some reason, I have on my history page, Drs that have treated me & phone numbers, all meds I have taken in the past, and present ones with how many I take and what the dose is, 10mg or 25 mg. Especially ones that I am allergic to or can not take, like Vicodin, I have had stomach ulcers from them, all my past surgeries or present treatments, it really helps nurses and Drs out tremendously!! Thanks Jackie for letting everyone know this. Wildcat
    PS Fibro Fog can be very frustrating, I recently, just last week took my son to his Ped Dr for a Sports Physical, first of all I signed him in under my other sons name, but it got worse, his appt is for this week, not embarrassing!!!! I have to keep notes on things all the time or I will just plain forget! Sometimes I even forget where I put my notes!!!!!!! ugh!!![This Message was Edited on 08/26/2002]
  11. Betty50victor

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    I can relate! Got on the freeway (only had to go a few miles) to go to psychiatrist and after a minute or so had absolutely NO IDEA where I was going! I was driving fine but couldn't figure out where I was going for a few minutes.
    Just b-4 the off ramp, duh, I knew I was supposed to get off there. Then, I forgot where the darn office was at for a few seconds. When I WAS working, was making the stupidist mistakes. As I made each one, I just stood there trying to figure out what the heck I was even doing. Almost broke a ($6,000.00) arm on the machine. That was close. Had to stop working 7-19 cause was making too many mistakes, which I have never done in all my career and I drove 45 miles each way and was falling asleep going and coming....and was just too painful to do anything anymore.
    I was reading the postings a couple wks. ago and came across the phrase "fibro fog" and checked it out. Never heard of it before. At least now I know that I'm not losing my mind. Well, too young (48) to say Senior Moment so I just explain the episodes as a "Fibro Moment" and (try) to laugh it off.
    At home I walk around in circles, a lot, trying to figure out what I was going to do or trying to look for something then forget (LOL) what the heck I'm even looking for. Just have to laugh cause crying doesn't help!