Fibro fog

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jpswife_4boys, Apr 9, 2003.

  1. jpswife_4boys

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    It has hit me hard once again. Yesterday when I took my boys to school I got them there a little late so I had to sign them in. I spelled my last name wrong! Then I went to the store and as I left I hit a buggy that I knew was there and broke my headlight out. Then I went to school to take a test and I went brain dead. I make straight A's but yesterday I made a C. I know it's the fog. I knew the test well I just didn't complete answering or forgot to answer. Dang fog!!!!!!
  2. bejo

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    Don't you just hate this fog? There are times that it makes you feel like a complete idiot. LOLOL bejo
  3. forjesus715

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    It seems as if know one understands what causes the fog to come on.. and you never know just how long it will last. There are days when I don't know whether I am coming or going and I miss an important appointment that it took months to schedule. I keep a calender for such things, but even so, I am lucky to figure what day it is.... or month for that matter. And how you said that about signing the wrong name... I do that too???? Or can't remember my phone number, its a miracle that I even know my name on those days. I can really relate with you, its seems if I am in a fog; its dangerous for me to leave the house. Its nice to know that I am not losing my mind and that someone has the same experiences as I do.. Thanks for Sharing!!!