fibro from car accident

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    I'm new to this forum, and was wondering if anyone had
    their fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue triggered by a whiplash.
    I have sought a personal injury attorney, and the offer that the insurance company from the lady who hit me is a very small amount of money, not even close to what I've spent in trying to figure out what was wrong with me.
    I guess my real question is this: is it worth pursuing a lawsuit to fight for what was taken away from me- my independence, my health, cognitive dysfunction, etc? I need some advice from anyone who has been down this road. Thank you so much!
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    That is exactly what happened to me Oct. 2000 and I am still suffering from fibro and fatiguness. I had a car accident and shortly after all symtoms started of fibro. I never imagined how my life would have changed. I did consult and researched for a lawyer who familiar with fibro and who was willing to fight for me. Although I did have an excellent work history and no other claims. I had gotten a promotion a week before my accident. I am still not working and I miss it dearly. I did settle with a favorable amount and I count my blessing everyday I don't know how I would have managed because I certainly was not capable of working and I am still attending chiro, physio and a pyscologist. I wish you all the luck and I truly believe that fibro can be caused as a result of a car accident. Please look into finding a lawyer who is experienced with this it's a long journey and good luck to you. mom3
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    I was in a car wreck and that's when my symptoms really started showing up. I went to a lawyer and they told me it was worth pursuing, and then later they tell me that fibro. and car wrecks are a very touchy subject.

    They said that since there is no evidence exactly what causes fibro. it prevents them from being able to do much if anything since there is no solid evidence how it might have started. I got very little, anyway, this was my experience. It is just not right!!!!!

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    I developed fibro after my car accident in 1985. It was a 5 care pileup and I was the first one rear ended. My life as I knew it ended that day. My brother drove me to the hospital after it and I had no control of my neck whatsoever and had to hold it up so it would't flop backwards and we were only driving 25 mph. I had no xrays taken of any kind was told a neck brace would only make my neck have less strength. I was off of work for 3 months with severe low back pain and since both knees hit the dashboard I've had trouble with them and had to have arthroscopic knee surgery to remove a torn meniscus. My head plowed into the steering column and I remember thinking Holy shit!! (kinda like those car commercial on tv now) I settled much too soon with the insurance co. and regret it. I was able to work for another painful 11 years but that was too long and I should have quit sooner. Yea, I would fight this if I were you. I wish I had held out longer but we were financially strapped as my husband (now ex) hardly worked throughout the marriage. We had to go on welfare for those 3 months and it was horrible! So, you see I've had pain for 21 years and it didn't take long for a diagnosis (2 years). I'm even worse now and I got my disability on the first try in 1998. Goodluck cuz living on disability isn't any fun either and I reached my 'donut hole in 5 months.
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    All of my symptoms started after a serious car accident in 1990. Fibromyalgia started about a year or so later. We sued for my injuries but did not link FMS to the accident b/c it developed later. CFS crushed my life about 4 years after that same accident. If I knew then what I know now, I never would have settled for such a small amount.

    Your attorney would have to prove that your FMS is a "direct result" of the car accident and how this will effect your future.

    Best of luck!!!
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    FMS has been linked to physical traumas ranging from faslls to whiplash caused by a car accident. I am assuming that you are under a doctors care. It can be so hard to prove that the FMS was a result of thr accident.

    I guess the question I would ask myself is? 1. What is the likelihood of winning court? 2. Will the medical community be able to back you up if you go to court? and last do you have the energy to put into this battle. I am no legal expert, however litigation can be long and draining.... Yet I understand if you are angry and frustrated as you are right your future may be altered by some careless accident not caused by you.

    What does your personal injury attorney say, I would look at the track record..

    Also perhaps going after her due to whiplash alone may get you what you need.

    I feel for you..this is a tough palce to be in.

    Let us know how you are doing,

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    bumped 4 u
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    I don't understand why it's so hard to prove fibro from a whiplash! I was fine before the accident, and I was numb before I ever left the accident scene. The numbness progressed to all over my body within 4 days.

    The juries around here have been very conservative recently, according to my attorney. One guy, after getting into a car accident, lost his job, house, and is in bankruptcy, and he filed suit, and won a big $550!

    The little old lady who hit me is 81. Apparently a jury would most likely think I was going after her instead of her insurance company, and sympathy wouldn't be great in making her pay. I look healthy, and she's old!

    I'm hanging in there like everyone else. I keep reading these posts, hoping that someone will say they are back to normal. Like so many, I can't believe this has happened to me. I try to focus on the positives in my life, and take the moments as they come.

    Thanks to all who responded to my very first message!

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    I'm new , so could someone fill me in on the bump? What does it mean?

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    Yes, definately!
    and I told my lawyer and he said there was no way of proving it. I decided to settle for 2500.00 because I probably couldn't get more and it would cost me more than that to pursue it.
    My lawyer was not that familiar with FM so you have an advantage and I didn't find out why I was still hurting for 2 years and it was well beyond the "settlement period" .
    Get as much as you can!
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    I was in a bad head on car accident Dec. 2003 (not my fault). To this day, I don't remember but little bits and pieces but I guess that is a good thing.

    At the time, I was a healthy person working full time. After staying out of work to recover from the accident, I tried to go back. At first I thought I just needed more time, so the doctor put me on part time.

    The pain, stiffness, forgetfulness, severe headaches continued, until I couldn't work any longer. That was the hardest things I have ever had to do - quitting my job.

    I had already contacted a lawyer after the accident and thought that the settlement she was initially asking for was fair at that time. When I had to quit work and go on disability, the settlement went up considerably.

    My court date is this November unless it is changed again for the third time and it is a trial by jury. All I know is my story is the same as it was almost 3 years ago. It hasn't changed.

    I would not even consider any money if I could be given back the life I had before the accident, but that isn't going to be and I have to survive.

    Fibromyalgia is hard to prove as being the result of a car acdident, but if you have good enough doctors it can be done. My lawyer doesn't think my case will go to court, but it may be the last minute before they settle.

    The insurance companies drag these things out hoping that you will give up, but don't. Remember, you are the one having to live with this,not them.

    Good luck.