Fibro has changed , does this happen??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. susabar

    susabar New Member

    I have had FM or should say was diagnosed about 4 years ago. This fall I started with a generalized pain just everywhere. This is a first for me. I have to work full-time and I am a single parent and if that weren't enough someone has been on maternity leave the last three months making each and every work day incredibly stressful. Could this be a symptom from too much stress ?? I noticied I've gotten every cold, stomach bug etc... that's come down the pike. My co-worker just came back but this is our busy season ( hospital ).Could anyone relate to this ?? Mentally I've been in a tough spot because no-one seems to care at all... not boss or co-workers or anyone !! I have been feeling incredibly bad...
    Thanks for listening !!!
  2. mgmarble

    mgmarble New Member

    Fibro changed for me. For a few years I hurt everywhere, then this last year I swelled in many areas and my symptoms are much worse. Stress plays a big role in my pain, more stress I have, the worse the pain :(. Good Luck to you.
  3. Kazah

    Kazah New Member

    yes - this is what i've always called a flare - don't know if that's what everyone else would define it as.

    I have pain in most places every day but when even my eyelashes are sore,the pain is so completley distracting, I can't sit still but can't move either and I really can't go to work this is what it feels like.

    My worse faze usually lasts a week or so then the pain goes back to a six/seven and I crawl back to work.

    I also get every germ going and when I have another bug it brings on a flare/makes my flares worse.

    after seven years working in the same place my co workers are coming round to the idea but I still feel the pressure to do things that I often know is going to make me worse but am learning to explain myself without embarrasment when the pain is bad. sometimes though it's just easier to grit my teeth and get on with it - I can't say no all the time otherwise I think I'd have to quit!

    Stress definitley makes it worse - we are often short staffed at work and it just makes you double/triple tired if you are doing two/three peoples jobs. I try to give myself five minute breaks evey hour or so just to have some head space and refocus my energy for the next task.

    what fun eh?!!

    hope you feel better soon. focus on YOU for a bit and rest up! It's hard that no one without this condition understands how crap it is but remember that we do and we're here to support each other.
  4. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    There are times I hurt all over. Then there are times only my arms hurt .I felt so tired this morning and then I took a hot bath because my right foot felt as cold as Ice. This silly deseas causes all kinds of weird stuff to happen.

    I hope ya feel better. Its all strange to me.I just pray I do the right things to improve my health.
  5. ridfibromyalgia

    ridfibromyalgia New Member

    I've been doing a lot of studying on the course of this terrible beast, as I like to call it, and it seems that this happens in a lot of people with fibromyalgia.

    I've then seen it go one or two ways. First, either it is a flare like another person described or it could be the start of the downward spiral. FM sometimes takes a turn where it gets progressively worse.

    There is hope though, it can get better. I am brand new to this board so I don't know what steps everyone has tried with FM to get better, but there are things that actually work.

    I hope that everything works out for you, stress can be such a huge thing to FM sufferers. The good thing is that on boards like these, we all care and we all understand.

    my thoughts are with you.
  6. survivor13

    survivor13 New Member

    hi iv had FMS and been 'fibromyalgic' for 24 years and i have found that it has stages. when first had it i could still hold down a job with some difficulty but i could, then after a bout of chickenpox at aged 30 i went into a deeper sgate of suffering,this viral hiccup caused me to lose mobility and i was ill for many months,since then i just have nt got any better.....i dread what the next stage could be if there is one as i have met many fellow sufferers who are wheelchair bound as their pain is so intense so yeah, it deffo changes i think according to your life,surroundings,stress levels,age and contact with virul illness

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