fibro help in Minnesota?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by spydergrl80, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. spydergrl80

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    I have been refered to a no-narcotics pain clinic for severe DDD and fibro, even though my doc knows non-narcs don't really cut it for me. I have been on tramadol for several weeks and all it has done is cause some nervousness and lightheadedness. I am at my wits end....can anyone recomend a good doc or pain management program in Minnesota?
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  3. Jen102

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    Are you looking for someone who will take a wholistic approach, similar to Jacob Teitelbaum or FFC's, plus someone who may prescribe narcotics if appropriate? If they recommend supplements, etc., is that okay? Jen102
  4. spydergrl80

    spydergrl80 New Member

    That would be toatally fine!
  5. Jen102

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    Karen Vrchota, M.D. treats FMS using a wholistic approach--tries to find the reason for the illness and treat it, utilizes Jacob Teitelbaum's approach from "From Fatigued to Fantastic" and other things. You may visit her site at . Jen102
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    I went to the FM clinic at the Mayo Clinic. I'd recommend them. I go there once every couple of years to get my tumor checked by their endocrine team, and they sent me along to the fibro clinic as a follow up. They ordered some fo those musle and joint tests to rule out other things in making the diagnosis and to watch my various antibodies that could some day add up to lupus/ra, etc.

    Now, I did not go to their multi-week pain program... just the diagnosis team and the two days or classes. My imression is that they're concerned about getting the diagnosis right, but since so many illnesses carry the same symptoms, maybe going for years without becoming fully overt, they work on treating the pain. Or more specifically, helping the patient learn to manage it in the best way that they can.

    But every time I go to Mayo, I am more and more impressed by their skill and demeanor. It's fantastic and well worth the effort/wait. Given that you have one of the top-notch medical facilities in the world at your doorstep, I wouldn't go anywhere else...

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