fibro is progressive

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  1. I have been sick for almost 2 years.This past month I have seen some of the worst symptoms I ever had.

    My knees are weak and hurt.I can walk about 5 ft then I get weak and clumsy.I can'tget up from chairt without help.Even typing has become too hard.My neck muscles are hurting and weak.Unless this is part of r a getting worse. Ruthie
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    I know it is progressive, but I also know that it is sporadic in it's intensity. Days like today I can be at the computer. Yesterday was hopeless because my neck hurt so bad. It's been a bad week for me as well, and I want you to know that you are not alone. I hope you feel so much better soon!
  3. The sad thing is I quit work 2 months ago.I always thought I could just get another job if we can't make it with the money,but guess what about a month ago I have been so sick thats not an option anymore. Ihope to God I do get ssi,I am sure I will get denied like most do. Ruthie
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    I have had Fibro since childhood. It is much worse now than it was. I to quit work and don't think I will ever be able to go back.
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    I've been reading in a book that fibromyalgia is not progressive. It says "if your illness becomes significantly worse over time, then there is some perpetuating or aggravating factor or some coexisting condition that has not been addressed." The book is called Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain. It's awesome because it makes unbelieving doctors look like the stupid ones.
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    if the theory that trauma to the body can trigger fibro, I think mine happened about 10 years ago, and became so bad in 2004 that I lost my job and am no longer able to work. It has worsened since then, a little bit more each year it seems. disability. right, 2 years and still waiting for a hearing. unable to get out of bed many days (living in Missouri, humidity BAD. moving to Arizona next year, please God)

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    Yes I know first hand that trama triggerd my fibro.
    In my case it was a real hard chiro adjustment. like i got hit with a train.Yes I got worse over time. I have chronic ankle, knee, shoulder, pain from over stretching. these parts just from stretching. They just won't heal like a normal person would.
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    Oh I am so sad for you.I did get worse,I have less time in between pain and extreme fatigue(fm&cfs).I was tested for RA but it was negative.It was many things I tested to rule out overlapping illness'.

    I also am very affected by emotional pain and trauma.Do you ever feel emotions are just as harmful as physical?Maybe not in this particular phase you are in now,but in general.

    Since you have gotten extremely worse,you may want to be checked out.I sure hope you feel better soon,thats why I will continue to call you WELLRUTHIE!
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  9. I agree , I have had fibro all my life, and I am 60 now and it is bad. I used to get muscle aches and it would flare and go away. Now I have REALLY bad pain and it may ease up but never ever goes away. Stress does make it worse.

    That said make sure the drs. aren't blaming everything on fibro as they seem to do.
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    It is!! I too have read books where it says that FM is not progressive and I am sorry to say that I think that is a bunch of BS!

    I have had this since I was very young and I have been progressively getting worse all my life. That's not to say that I didn't have a few times where I plateaued for a few years but I have always gotten worse.

    My mother has had this for at least 23 years and she will also attest to the progressiveness of the illness.

    I am very happy there are books out there. I happen to own a lot of them including Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain. I think all of them have very good information in them, however I strongly believe they are incorrect when they say it is not progressive.

    They (doctors/researchers) don't know what causes FM, they don't know how to treat FM, they can't cure can they possibly state that they know for a fact it is not progressive? They learn new stuff about it all the time and I think they will soon learn, as some of us already know, that it IS progressive!

    Sorry for the rant.
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    On my doc visit when I was dx'd he said it is not progressive, in that it will not kill you, like cancer, but is progressive in that it may continue to get worse.

    Most of us didn't go to the doctor at the onset of symptoms. It was only as they got worse over time that we looked for help.

    Looking back I can see where there were so many warning signs, I just didn't know what they were!

    Mine has progressed. Sometimes I think it hasn't because I will feel relatively good for a while. Than, boom, it's back. Each year I feel that I am losing more of my life because of the progression on the pain and fatigue. That's progression.


    Choose joy!
  12. Prickles thanks for responding>I know you are the queen here{LOL} and have alot of knowledge.Thanks for taking timIknow how busy you are.

    Yellowstawberry Youarealways there for me thanks.I putmy picture up because we have become friends.It made me want to reach out even more to everyone!!

    ALso Someone said they were from Missouri plz tellmewhere?? Iam from mo too.Thank yOu everyone!!uRuthie
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    I have had this since my twenties and now I am 64. I do agree I have other things. R.A. ,Post Polio, low thyroid, and fibro. I also have cistitis of the bladdar, which is killing me now. and rectal pain from adhesions from 2 surgeries. Scott I wanted to tell you, like you, I went for a massage and the lady wrecked my knee. It was already bad, both knees for yrs, but it is horrible now. I as so mad kkkkkkkknowing that that can happen so fast before you knnow it. I will have to start walking more with my cane now. I can*t trust that knee. It is very hard getting out of chairs. Take care all, Sherry from Ca.
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    And I for one am living proof. Have they asked us??
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    Kansas City Metro Area

    infectious disease: Joseph Brewer
    Pain mgmnt: Steven Simon
    GP: Neal Erickson

    and you bet your buns this is progressive!

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    I have just read all your posts and now feel really bad,
    I had such a bad day yesterday and was saying the same to my husband about it being progressive.....

    I dont want to know I want hope and I want to get better than i have been but over the last 2 years yep IT HAS GOT WORSE.......

    Its so different for everyone.....

    God help us all

    angel hugs
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    this topic has come up on this board numerous times and there is definately a lot of here is mine once again ;)

    They do NOT know where dd comes from, or what causes fact they do not have a clue, nor a test, "SO" how can anyone say definitively that dd is NOT progressive........

    we probably will not have the correct answer to the ? if dd is or is not progressive until the get answers to other important ?'s like how we got it etc.........

    My opinion is and it is from living with dd....that it IS DEFINATELY PROGRESSIVE...............Iam much worse today than I was last year or the year before etc!

    However I will not stop trying to get better....I do think our outlook and attitude is a big help in dealing with dd!

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    I am sure this is one of the problems !! I am sure I have lyme I notice a difference when I take antibiotics I do better on them than off !!!
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    extremely progressive for me!!
    I hate to tell Newbies that tho.
    I'd like everyone to have/keep hope :)
    But its so hard somedays.

    Prayers for all
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    In the past 3 years it certainly has got worse. It seems to encompass more areas of the body than in the beginning. I used to be able to manage on 1 10mg morphine a day. Now I'm on 60 mg of MS-Contin a day.

    The fatigue has also gotten worse along with nerve pain.
    Yeah huh!!!!