fibro knee muscle weakness

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    PSSERENITY New Member

    should i get a cane?
    my balance is unsteady too.
    what do others do?
  2. danisue22

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    of Fibro knee muscle weakness before. I have RA and Fibro I don't use anything for my balancing act.So far there has always been something close by to grab on to.I've been having alot of trouble with my Right Knee but thought it was thr RA.I'd sure get a cane if I thought I would fall.I'm interested to see some other post here. Hope your feeling better soon ..God Bless Danisue

    PSSERENITY New Member

    thank you both for responding to my question.
    i am 49 and that might make a difference
  4. motherjo

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    hi i havr bad knees too, they also stay cold, i finally had to get a cane, my knees would lock or bulcker.whats a woman to do if she want to keep moving. try one you will see a big fiffrience. motherjo
  5. coyote

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    Yes, I have weakness in my knees, also. I haven't tried a cane, but will keep that idea in mind. Going down stairs can be pretty shaky for me.
  6. JLH

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    I would try some strengthening exercises. I had to do these after having knee surgery to keep the muscles tight. You can do some in bed. With your leg straight, try to bring your knee down to the bed. You will feel the muscles on both sides of the knee cap pull. I do 100 of these, both knees at the same time, each night as I lie in bed. You have to start out with 10 and then work up.

    Also, you might want your doctor to do a CT scan of your knee to make sure you don't have some other problem. Sometimes we tend to diagnose ourselves, and sometimes we're wrong! You might not have just muscle weakness, especially if it hurts enough to make you off-balance and need to walk with a cane.

    PSSERENITY New Member

    thank you all very much i appreciate your kindness and support
  8. Cactuslil

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    I took so many falls, dropped so many objects, pills ectera it took the congress to get me to get that prescription for a cane filled. I kicked (while sitting on a chair) about having to hit the cane and a medical one at that!

    Best thing I have done for myself in a while. I was liberated to go to places again! I have vertigo so there are times I do have to use that ugly 4-legger or the walker. I must really need to go keep an appointment or something to go that far.

    NOW, after falling asleep, the latter would have resulted in fatalities had my son not been with me...I ran to the doc! I am to take I believe it is 2-provigil if I MUST drive. Three times speed bumps stopped me but that last time effected me to the point of illness.

    The reason I did not use my cane as I should have, hesitated on the hospital bed et al. is because I hear it from others about "taking to the yada-yada." What a shame.
    Personally I chastise myself but I know now it is the only way I will be able to go to church, library, clubs et al.
    This is certainly not the way I would have guessed my life would twist out but my ex-hubby's funeral is tomorrow; Gifes one pause to think. His daughter with me said she had really changed her mind about "things" since losing her dad. I would imagine he is glad this probation on earth is finished for him but his caring will be felt. Love Cactus'
  9. suzanne

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    I just read what you wrote and the responces from alot of people. I agree with all of you, that exercise is the best thing. I myself find it hard and can't do much. How it started with me 3 years ago kept going to my doc saying while as work, my knee's/legs felt as if they were going to give out on me and then I would be fine for awhile. Doc said not was wrong, lived with it for just over a year, got married 2 years ago and on my Honeymoom night getting out the jaz, I hit my left knee on the side of the jaz and it HURT. two nights later woke up with pain shooting up and down my leg. After Honeymoom went to doc and need surgery. I have never recovered, the pain is Worse now, lot of swelling, pain, hard to go for walks, use stairs etc.

    There are days I really could use a Cane. I have to hold on to chairs, walls etc. to walk. I can related to all of you.

    Just wanted to share this with you all.