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  1. judywhit

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    I have had this knot in my calf for about 2wks now. Massage did not kneed it out, tens unit did not help. Went walking yesterday and really paying the price now. Went out to try and catch a starving dog!! someone dumped her and she obviously has a litter of pups somewhere. Anyway here I was hobbling down the road with a bucket of kibbles for her when this knot in my calf popped. Now I can hardly put weight on it. Should I use ice or heat. Driving school bus is going to be fun tommorrow!!! Please respond tonight if you can.
  2. fallingapart

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    Hi Judy,
    I feel for you, I have had one on the right side of my neck for two days now and the pain has moved to the middle and left side of my neck!! I use moist heat and it has done wonders for me!!
    Hope this helps, falling
    p.s. I made a rice bag out of rice and material...throw in micro and it make for a nice heating pad!!(even a sock would do the trick!!
  3. JLH

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    I would try ice first. For 30 min. Then alternate with heat for 30 min. Then keep kneeding the knot. I get these knots in my back under my shoulder area. When I get someone to kneed them, I feel like I'm going to die, then I go for the ice/heat rotation of 30 min. each. In a couple of days, it's a little better .... until the next knot!
  4. judywhit

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    got the ice on now. will switch to heat in 30min. Rice bag..I'm going to make one this weekend. thank you so much. it is comforting to know that we are all in this together. Is that sick or what?????? I wish us all well.
  5. healing

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    I don't think this would work on a calf, but it works on my shoulders and back. I have a Backnobber, an S-shaped device with a knob on each end, one larger than the other. You hook one end over your shoulder so a knob is over a knot, or tender spot, and apply as much pressure as you want to dissipate the painful spot. It is absolutely a great invention. You can find a website if you go to Google and put the word in the search box.

    ps - how's the dog?
  6. judywhit

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    why do people dump animals!!! she is so scared that she would not come to me. She is walking down the middle of the road and will get hit. I left the food for her. She has been around here for about 3 days now. Hubby and I have tried and tried to get her to come up to us. thanks for asking.
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    Hi judywhit;

    Well althought, I don't know what kind of knot you have, you usually put heat on first then ice. At least that is what they taught me when I worked at the hospital. I have a knot on my spine, but the doctor can't feel it. I sure do when I ride 50 or longer miles. It really hurts at night when I try to lay on my back, but I am only person that does feel it, and since I'm on medicaid they will not do a m.r.i. to see if there is something there, believe me it is not in my mind. Well good luck, and God bless you. gg60

    p.s. I can't always check my mail everyday but do check it about every two days.
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    Judywhit, read the one on people dumping pets or animal, and I feel like they either have a mean strick, or they were not taught better. some people thinks it is bette to dump an aminal than take it to the shelter. d not feel that wat, because most animals that have been pets don't know how to feed,or defend thenselves when left like that. I hope she has allowed you to help her. od blee! gg60
  9. Coach

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    Make sure you're getting plenty of potassium in general. If I don't take it regularly (600 mg/day) I start to get unrelenting surprise cramps everywhere. (A veterinarian friend recommended this to me, said it worked with race horses...)
  10. jolly

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    My advice would be the same as "Healing's." It hurts like the devil to push on these things, but the longer you do it, the less it hurts and then the pain goes away. You can use the knobber for all kinds of muscles. It usually takes a few days to get it gone. Jo Ellen