Fibro Like Symptoms Caused By Powerful Antibiotics?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. joeb7th

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    Everyone, hello.

    Guess you saw the new nationally reported "Black Box" warning that was issued three weeks ago about Levaquin and all the other "floroquinolones" antibiotics by our own FDA ? It was in every major newspaper in the country and reported on most of the major television network news outlets as well.

    That's as bad as it gets as far as their warning the public about a dangerous drug.

    Remember Vioxx? The stuff that was killing people? It took them a long time but the FDA finally issued a Black Box warning on that one too. A little too late.

    But the FDA is "finally" admitting what a monster these floroquinolones AD's are.

    They fully admit that there have been too many reports of tendon damage with this class of super powerful antibiotics.

    Are they too powerful? Many say yes. Me included. My tendons, from my fingers to my toes are vibrating with pain and weakness 24/7 and it's been 2 and 1/2 years since I took a 6 day dose of Levaquin.

    Recently, I have been contacted by a law firm out of Houston named Reich and Blinstock regarding my Levaquin poisoning. I told them that this started back in Dec. of 2005 and that so many lawyers had told me that the statute of limitations had run out, but someone at this new law firm said they may possibly be able to work with my case anyway.

    Like I always said...if you don't know what damaged you until a year or year and half after it on Earth could anyone use that statute of limitations against you? And also, when you contact 100 law firms all over the country to help you "during" this statute time and they all is there justice in holding this time against you?

    I would have sued well within the time limit if only I could get "any" attorney to take my case and they "all" refused.

    But I was told that now that the FDA has issued this Black Box warning on Levaquin and the other florquinolones AD's...many law firms are more willing to take on our cases. They can show the court that even our own FDA admits these floroquinolones AD's are devastating people. That's a lot more factual weight than they had before and that they need to pursue our cases.

    Just thought anyone who suspects floroquinolones had something to do with their fibro-like maladies would like to know this latest FDA Black Box warning news regarding them.

    Oh, by the way.

    I wrote an e-mail to the makers of Levaquin ( Ortho-McNeil ) before I heard from this Houston law firm.

    I laid out my injuries to them and didn't hold back how Levaquin has destroyed my life.

    I offered to share with them reams of documents that prove that Levaquin destroyed me.

    I just point blank asked them to have some ethics and sympathy for us sufferers from their drug. I asked them if they could help me in my financial devastation due to my body being destroyed by their drug.

    I told them how I am now trying to survive on $800 a month SSDI and am so in debt to doctors and hospitals ( hospital debt alone is $15,000. ) Let alone all the credit card companies for having to use these to live on while I couldn't work and received no disability from anyone for 1 and 1/2 years.

    I got a pretty general letter back from them ( almost a form one ) saying they would review my e-mail and get back to me.

    I had also called them last year and told them what happened to me. They admitted tendon damage but I also told them this stuff hit me in so many ways I am just tortured 24/7 with maladies I have never had before such as GI tract problems, nerve system problems, bronchial asthma, bardy cardia, etc.

    Who knows what they will say. My guess is they will say "upon evaluation of your case...we have decided we are not to blame."

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    with an attorney.It sounds like you have suffered long and terribly. I hope you ARE able to file and that sometime you receive at least SOME compensation for your health nightmare.
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    Is negligent and irresponsible and unethical.

    The FDA does not just throw out "Black Box" warnings easily.

    They have had so much information and had so many reports of damage from this drug ( floroquinolones antibiotics ) that they couldn't keep ignoring the years of documented evidence for this damage.

    Those of us that were wiped out with Levaquin or Cipro or the other Floro's knew the damage they can cause.

    I do not know about you...but I will never let any doctor treat any of my family with these super powerful antibiotics. I will ask that they try something milder first.

    That Black Box warning by our FDA did not come easily and did not come from nothing. It came from years of reports and facts of thousands suffering from this drug.

    It takes a lot for the FDA to label a drug this dangerous.

    And now, doctors can quit dismissing this drug as not dangerous or damaging. I never heard such downplaying of a drugs potential for damage until I asked doctors about this one. I never understood this.

    Well, at least now, they can't do this anymore. They can't wave away or dismiss these antibiotics and their proven potential for bodily harm anymore. They can't ignore this FDA black box warning.

    It's taken thousands of us writing and sending in facts about our physical suffering due to this drug...but the FDA finally got it right. Think twice about taking this antibiotic when a milder one will do.

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