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    It's amazing how doctors nowadays are still afraid to admit that Yes, there is an illness called fibromyalgia (and CFS). I have seen 2 Rheumatologists in Seattle--very highly acclaimed, who both diagnosed me with fibro several years ago, from which I have suffered for 18 years. After moving to another state, and finding a rhemotologist here, his first examination revealed that yes! I have fibromyalgia. Mainly because I was visiting him after having a terribly painful and exhausting few months, with excruciating pain, crying, etc. But, my next visit happened to be when I was not having much by way of pain, at least not excruciating pain. His exam went as usual, but as I was not 'dying', and hence did not cry out in pain upon his touch, he then concluded, "no you do not have fibromyalgia, and I doubt you ever did!!!" He then proceeded to tell me that I was merely after disability and wanted a way out of the work force. (No, doctor, I want to be your mistress, and take you for all you've got...that must be why I come to see you so frequently!) The only thing which held me back from strangling him was my knowledge that he is yet another jerk who likes to dangle his godliness before men. I replied to him (with visions of my mother 'speak your mind'), "Sir, your opinion does not matter to me and what is more, you are wrong. How dare you to speak to me like that...where is your care?" I didn't let him see me cry, which I did and returned home to my husband, who wanted to 'speak' to him as well.

    I am not vindictive, but let him live for 18 years in pain, crying, weeks in bed, exhaustion, know the rest..... Perhaps when we hang him from a wall by his shriveled manliness, will we ask: "Hmmm...are you really a human being?"

    I feel better now.
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    This doctor was awful, but you are SO lucky!
    How can I say that?
    I say it because you live in one of only 3 states where your insurance must pay for you to see a Naturopath, and that is the type of doctor who is most likely to be able to help you.
    Since a Naturopathic University is right there in Seattle, I'll bet there are many good ones to choose from.
    Please find one and go to him/her. You will be amazed at the difference!
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    Welcome!!! You go girl!!!! That was a GREAT comback! My problem is, when things like that happen to me, I lose my tounge from the shock of the situation. And I think of a million great things that I should've said. But I'm getting better! So, are you still without a good doc? Did that occur recently? I hope you have one soon! It is a nesccesity to have one to get the care that you need. And do not forget that what he did was illegal. It goes against your rights as a patient. So, don't hesistate to let the Health Board for your state know about him! You'll be saving so many future patients from him!! Stay Strong! I KNOW THAT YOU ARE!!!! Keep us up to date on how things go!

    Lots of love,
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    I live in Seattle and haven't found a good doc. I went to 4 rheumis; the eminent Phillip Mease was the worst.

    If anyone knows of someone good with fibro in Seattle area, please let me know. Thanks