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    Hello! I don't post on here much, but I read almost every day. It helps so much to see I'm not alone! Anyway, my question is directed towards the ladies that have fibromyalgia and endometriosis. I have been diagnosed with both over the last few months. First the endo, as a result I was put on the estrogen suppressing injection Depo-Lupron. I had been having joint pain even before I was diagnosed with endo, but I have noticed since starting the Lupron, it has got a ton worse. That led me to 2 different rheumatologists, who both diagnosed me with fibro. One of them told me he had another patient on Lupron who has said she has felt more joint & muscle pain since starting the injection, just like me. I was wondering if anywone else has experienced that. The Lupron injection is only for 6 months, I only have 2 months to go. I can make it, it would just help to know the horrible way I'm feeling is partly b/c of this injection. Maybe there's a light at the end of the tunnel after all.....I appreciate any replies, I hope everyone has a great evening!
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    I have taken Lupron (short term) in the past, and always wonder if this is what started my problems

    I also had endometriosis and a laparoscopy for it
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    i have endo and fibro. i was on the lupron way before the fibro hit. i was also on other hormones also for the endo....wondering about the correlation between that and the onset of fibro later.
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    I had the 6 months of lupron.I don't want to scare you but I had a very bad reaction to it and then ended up soon after having a hystorectomy leaving my left ovary.I think the endo. is back and I was offered lupron and I said no way.Dr. said if I had a bad reaction to lupron I would not do well if the ovary was removed.Looks like no options left to me.We are doing an ultrasound the 25th.I would rather deal with the endo. pain.Might as well the FM pain and the endo pain just kind of play a back and forth game.Never know which is gonna hurt the most.I would recommend doing some research on lupron.From what I remember it was created to treat men with prostate cancer.

    Hang in there.SOmetimes dr.'s make you go through this before offering hystorectomy.Which you may not be interested in especially if you are young.My oldest daughter also has endo.She is trying to make it as long as she can so she can have children.I was 32 when I had my hystorectomy.But was told endo. will come back cause Ihave my left ovary.Well, it sure did.Endo. is a nasty little devil.It just loves to spread and cause all kinds of problems.

    Make sure you have a good dr.Have they done a lap. yet.Maybe they can remove some of the endo so you won'y have to take lupron again.

    Take care,