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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsgiggly, Apr 17, 2006.

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    I've had Fibro, lupus, chronic fatigue, IBS, pernecious anemia for about 5 years now. I'm not getting any better. I stay in pain all of the time. I take percocet for pain and a host of other pain killers. My muscle spasms are awful. Always on the right side in my back. I feel like when I go to the Dr. that I am getting no where. Just more medication. I take more pain meds than I ever have in the past and now they only last for about 2 to 3 hours. The pain is never really gone, just tolerable. Any suggestions on what to say to my DRS., they just sit and listen to me. I feel like they don't really hear me. I want to yell "I'M IN PAIN AND THIS IS NOT NORMAL, DO SOMETHING," but I know that will get me no where. Please any suggestions.
  2. mrsgiggly

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    No, I do not see a pain specialist. How do I see one. Do I ask my pcp or my rheumatologist. Neither have ever recommended a pain specialist. My pcp did recommend physical therapy some time ago but never signed me up for one. I talked to the pharmacist and she said I am not over medicated. Isn't that funny? But she did say that I probably have developed a tolerance to the percocet. Thank you for responding. Gentile hugs, Mrsgiggly
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    I too have suffered with excrutiating pain in my back mostly on my right side. I can't stress enough how much physical therapy has helped me. My therapist does ultra sound, spray and stretch, message and trigger point therapy three days a week. She works on specific areas or just the whole back if I can't pinpoint any one area. When I first started seeing her, I would drag myself to the appointments maybe twice a week. Now, each visit is more and more enjoyable. I've been seeing her for 4 months and plan to go another 2. She has also taught me many tricks to deal with spasms and migraines. In addition, she has instructed me on a stretching routine that I do each morning. I believe PT has made a big difference in my pain levels. Please ask your doctor for the script. Janice
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    Unfortunately, it's been my experience that if you go to the ER and ask for a certain pain med (like vicodin), then all of a sudden they think you are a drug seeker.

    Last time, I got a lecture for my $75, and a script for just a few vicodin & a few soma. Not even enough for the weekend, even though I told him my doc was out of town.

    I tend to feel best when I've got 80 mg oxycontin. Take it whole - don't bite, chew, crush, break, etc. It's tempting, and I've done it -- because it takes a very long time to release into your system. Sometimes I wake up with the most sharp crazy pain ever and I just can't wait that long. But once it's in, it's a 12 hour time-release.

    Although I often find it wearing off a bit after about 8-9 hrs. But if I have this, then I need a lot less soma. If I only have vicodin, then it's a soma/vicodin see-saw all day. Up, down, up down. Sucks. And then I take a lot more.

    Tell the doc you wish there was a long-acting med... say, "Isn't there a time-released pain medication? I really don't like how the vicodin spikes so fast but then wears off, I'd rather be on a more even keel." Then if your doc doesn't mention oxycontin, you need to go back with some "research". (google time release pain med or something, til you get the results you want) Then take that in and "ask" about it.

    Oxy has a bad reputation because people crush them & snort them or whatever. Trust me - you don't want to OD on this. I've taken too much before (in extreme extreme pain) and just barfed it all back up for several hours. Lovely. Even more pain, and a waste of perfectly good pills.

    But take it correctly, and it's a godsend!

  5. mrsgiggly

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    I already take percocet, I'm afraid of anything stronger than that. Although, I take it and it wears off easily. I had surgery and I had a morphine drip, it stayed with me for weeks. I didn't like the feeling I had. The way my body craved it. I don't wanna do that again. I just really want to be out of pain completely. I want energy, I want to stop being depressed. I'm 38 and walk and move like an 80 year old woman. I'm sorry to whine but, I just want to get better. Thank you for all of your responses, they have meant a lot to me. Someone is finally listening to me and not complaining about my complaining. God Bless, Mrsgiggly.

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