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  1. wildzootv

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    Hi! I am new here and to Fibromyalgia. I've had lupus since I was 5 years old and I am now 32 years old. This year what I thought was my lupus was getting worse wasn't - I was developing fibromyalgia. That was a bit hard to take, especially as I am Mom to a very active two year old and my husband is deployed in Iraq for a year.

    My puzzling question is: with lupus I am suppose to get lots of rest when having a flare up - but with fibromyalgia I need to exercise. How the heck am I to combined the two? I am sure the answer is obvious......but let's just chuck this one up to a brain fog. lol....


    EZBRUZR New Member

    Have You been to the ProHealth Lupus Board?
    I know there are many people with both that post there.
    I'm sure there are many here too....

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    Hi. Nice to meet you! And let me say we're all proud of your husband!!!! Hope he gets home soon! As for exercise, if you can't do anything strenuous, the best thing you can do are stretching exercises. Just enough to stretch your muscles so you don't get stiff and too sore. If you don't know any to do on your own, can you get an appt. with a physical therapist? They can show you stretching exercises that won't hurt you. You might also consider yoga - not only does the stretching do you good but it's also supposed to be relaxing! Come back here often - there's lots of good information and wonderful people!!!!

  4. wildzootv

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    Thank you!!! Big hugs for the hubby comment!!!

    I start up PT next month, I'm a little nervous....but I know it's good for me. Good thinking on the yoga. Thanks!
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    A big welcome to our world here, and let me say that I am very proud to know anyone who has a husband in the Military, I pray for the men in the armed services, and their families daily.

    I do not have Lupus, but I do have FM. I am not into exercise either. I tried all kinds, but the only thing that I am able to do without causing more pain, is gentle stretching, walking (no on concrete, on the ground), and a Nordic Track, everything in moderation.

    I generally get a lot of rest when I am Flaring, not exercise, except to stretch and most of the time while I am still in bed!

    Just try to keep your self moving, even if its slow and easy so you won't get stiff.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope your husband comes home soon.

    Shalom, Shirl

  6. Mikie

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    As though you don't have enough on your plate with the Lupus. Many with MS and Lupus go on to develop FMS as well. Exercise, in the traditional sense, is not good for FMSers when in a big flare. It will just exacerbate their problems. When flaring, doing simple stretching exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi are better. Save the more difficult stuff for when you feel better and let your own body be your guide.

    BTW, a good physical therapist will take you through exercises which will keep your muscles flexible, toned, and strong and can even be done while lying in bed. These are great for times when you can't do anything requiring more exertion. The stretching does cut down on pain too.

    Love, Mikie
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    I too have Lupus and CFS/FM. If you click on Message Board at the top here, you can also go to the Lupus message board.

    Yoga and PT have proabably helped me the most, however, I'm currently experiencing severe joint pain and having a real tough time with that.

    Take care. Tulip
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    i'm 45 and have been diagnosed with lupus for 16 yrs. it must have been tough at the age of 5 dealing with lupus!
    just when we finally were getting the lupus under control-it took about 5 yrs-i started to have flare ups of what we thought was took 2 yrs to finally get diagnosed with fibro.i had to start off at square 1 all over again.the symtoms are so similar with lupus and fibro it's hard to tell what's rheumy does blood work ever 6 monthes for lupus.there are some new tests outthat are preety good at telling where your lupus is at.mine is active-always will be-but under most of my symtoms are from fibro.what you need to do is find out where your lupus is at,then try to find out which one is causing the problems.exercise really does help the fibro.
    talk to your doc and see what he can do.
    good luck.
  9. wildzootv

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    ((hugs)) thank you! I am so glad I found you guys!!