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    It coulds be Lyme not Fibro???? 10/25/07 06:49 PM

    THANK YOU to the folks who responded to my question about heart block and Fibro. Those who sent me the info about the relationship between LYME DISEASE and heart block really hit on something! My symptoms (and heartblock) all started in 1983 after a "bad flu". I have always believed that set off fibromyalgia. But, that never explained the cardiac problems of dysrythmia and progressive but mild cardiomyopathy ("of unknown origin").
    Armed with the info from here I spoke with my doctor and she has ordered the Lyme tests I have never had. My flu hit before Lyme disease was talked about like now. I don't remember having a rash but I was hiking all the time back then and no one ever thought about it. The local medical librarian found several articles about treating chronic Lyme Disease. Though, even if the tests are positive, successful treatment sounds like a long shot but it is something else to try! Has anyone had treatment for chronic Lyme? Does your doctors think Lyme Disease CAUSES fibro? Whats the treatment protocol for longstanding chronic Lyme?
    Thanks so much!
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    Thanks for the reply...
    I got out a diary I kept in '83 when I had my "bad flu" and the palpitations started. It's amazing...I was really sick/couldn't get up in late May/early June, then on June 19th I wrote..."can't seem to get over this "cold", then on June 28th I wrote, "have an appointment with a cardiologist for palpitations! No Lyme test ever done ; (
    I have had palpitations since then and when I feel really tired they get more frequent. I also developed left bundle branch block and mild reduced heart function (all apparently go along with Lyme but no one made the connection). There's times when I feel that way, I keep my finger on my pulse to make sure the heart beats again. BUT, 2 months ago, due to high blood pressure related to panic attacks, they put me on a Beta Blocker, Coreg. Since then the palpitations are almost gone! So, theres good meds out there for them@!
    Good Luck!
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    Up until 2 years ago I always ran 110/70 which I thought was really good because I am usually 40# overweight. Lately, my BP has been higher but it JETS up with anxiety to 195/115!
    On BP meds for both BP and cardiomyopathy. Had protein on a urinalysis that doc thought was related to high BP but in her office it was always OK. I think the spikes did that. everyone should know that PROTEIN IN YOUR URINE is NEVER normal...always have a followup U/A!
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    Both my mom and I are now being treated for Fibro (and I have other disorders as well): we both had advanced lyme back in 1990 and were treated with IV and oral antibiotics until 1993/1994. It took so long for a diagnosis, because doctors didn't know to look for it and neither of us had the rash. We have both heard that Lyme causes Fibro. However, I am intriqued by Chronic Lyme: I have been out of touch with researching Lyme... You don't need to test positive to have lyme: my mother didn't, it took a spinal tap to get the diagnosis.

    I have bouts of tachycardia and palpitations, still, and they are worse now than ever: they started when I had Lyme. It's also a symptom of Fibro. Ugh! But my blood pressure did recover to its original 90/55 over time, but my mother's remained high.

    I recommend finding a Lyme Specialist (boy are they hard to find!), because only they really understand this disease. I can't imagine that those of us who get so sick and on long term antibiotics that there aren't long term health ramifications... Which reminds me, I should look one up myself and question is it really Fibro?! :)
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    If you had lyme in 90 and are now experiencing fibro symptoms, I would think that maybe it's not fibro but really your lyme again. Lyme and fibro symptoms overlap.
    Many with fibro really have lyme. I would definatly seek out a LLMD if I were you.

    I am doing much better now that I am treating my lyme.

    Good luck to all of you!!!

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    I was diagnosed with FMS 9 years ago... my mother has similar symptoms so I thought it was a hereditary thing...very sick first 2 years.. did exercise/eliminated wheat and all processed food. Went on blood type diet.. added immune system supplement- moducare sterinol... was managing it pretty well until a year and a half ago. I had an optic neuritis (optic nerve inflammation) attack.. and lost some of my vision in my right eye (very dim vision now). Then other neuro symptoms with huge explosion this past summer. Neuro/eye issues I know are related to all my symptoms. I did test positive for Lyme according ot IGENEX western blot test (which in my opinion is not conclusive). Long story short... go on a lyme herbal protocol such as Stephen Buhner's protocol as first step to FMS diagnosis to rule out lyme. The herbs can be purchased in bulk and will most likely help with FMS as well as lyme. Do a long term treatment ( at least 1 year) maybe longer. There is a buhner board on yahoo. follow that. I never considered lyme and have lost alot of time. The other thing to look into is chronic candida.. many have resolved their FMS with candida diet and candida cleanse herbs or drugs. Search on this site.. story of Yvonne.. (can't remember last name).. cured FMS after 12 years when she resolved a candida infection she never knew she had. Lyme /FMS/Candida all overlap in symptoms. Address them all.
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    "healing lyme" is Stephen Buhner's book- it is an excellent book to read and most cost effective herbal program if you purchase herbs in bulk and encapsulate your self.