Fibro massage therapist in Mesa AZ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Candlewick, Sep 3, 2003.

  1. Candlewick

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    Hi- I am new to this board and will be moving to Mesa at the end of the month. I am on Total Disability and have Healthnet Options Value insurance as my supplemental to Medicare. I have chiro and massage therapy benefits and a book full of names, but don't know where to start with finding my Drs.

    I need to find a deep tissue massage therapist in Mesa area- and thought if I found one- they could refer me to a chiro who refers to them. ( kind of backwards I know)

    I also need an internist and psychiatrist for depression
    I read of Drs in Phoneix but would like to stay in the Mesa area if possible.

    Please - those of you in Mesa, can you help me to find new care providers - I need to work with Healthnet directory too, ,for financial reasons.

    I see Bambi recommeded Dr James Martin DO- for CFIDS, but who do you go for for fibro?
  2. kgg

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    Did you check the button above called the doctor referral? A number of docs are listed but none take my insurance . . . might find someone there. I go to Dr. Scott Rigden, but his insurance coverage is limited and I pay cash when my son and I go for office visits. He is expensive.

    I have the fibromyalgia network referral list last updated 10/26/02, received it a year ago, (found it in a pile of unfiled papers), there are no Mesa physicians listed.

    Hopefully, someone will come up with a suggestion. -Karen
  3. Candlewick

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    Thanks Karen for answering- yes I checked the list of Drs.

    Bambi- Who do you go to in Mesa for fibro?

    Anyone in Mesa- who is good massage therapist for deep tissuen massage and knows triggerpoints as well as tenderpoints- I have Chronic Myofascial Pain syndrome too- with referred pain.
  4. kgg

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    If you are interested, let me know. -Karen
  5. azcactuslil

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    Welcome to Arizona. I know of a wonderful massage therapist who is very gifted. I actually worked with his wife about a year ago. I don't have his number tonight but will look them up tomorrow and see he is still working. He used to make house calls even. Just a great guy with a great understanding of fibro. I will get back with more information tomorrow.

  6. Candlewick

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    Hello again- Yes I would be interested in names of good therapists in Gilbert also- thanks