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    Hello there my Fibro friends! Haven't been here for some time. It's a busy life when you have a 5yr. old! I've been taking methadone ever since learning I was pregnant 6yrs. ago. I was more or less "pushed" into taking it because I had been on pain med for several months and was told that if I just stop cold turkey that not only would I have withdrawl symptoms the unborn child would as well...enter methadone. By the last month of my pregnancy they had me up to 180mg's! To make a long story short.....I am now down to 49mg's! While on methadone I tried Cymbalta,Lyrica and a few others but they didn't work very well and also made me extremely tired during the day. So now all I can take for pain is Ibuprofen600 and a muscle relaxer. I suffer from acute anxiety and panic attacks and Lyme disease. Most people who detox off of methadone immediately need to go on Suboxone which helps with withdrawls but blocks any opiate medication. I can't take this med because it's dangerous due to another med I take for my anxiety (Klonopin twice a day). So my question is this: Does anyone know once I am off the methadone could I go back on my pain meds and that would stop the methadone withdraw symptoms? I would appreciate any advice/replies! Thank You. Here's to having more pain free days! ----daytripper :)