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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsBrandywine, Apr 9, 2013.

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    For some reason.. I seem to be having like at least 2 migranes a day since last week.. so painful. the lights are terrible.. I have things that have to be taken care of this week and not sure what to take for the migranes..
    I take synthroid and so taking that.. it is very limited for allergy medicine..
    other then the Ocean Saline and Ive been using that..
    My son took me to the GNP yesterday and she give me an antibiotic.. for the swelling in my sinuses and ears..
    Was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.. and what You're doing for it?

    Thanks in advance..
    I also.. have been issues.. wondering if Crazy question maybe.. Maybe I have asked before.. but
    does anyone have issues with their eyes? of course mine are dry.. now but..
    when I look in the mirror like doing my hair and makeup and brushing my teeth and the like.. when I look in the mirror at my eyes.. they look like they are turning in? Is that the muscles causing this? I know they are very dry.. sometimes I wake up and feel like something got in my eye .. just last night too.. and then its like I can hardly open it like today.. and it feels dry......
    I thought maybe with looking in the mirror.. we see ourselves backwards.. .. so makes me wonder tho .. if it is really doing it or if it is just me.. seeing it from that direction?
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    I will check into all that You mentioned... I appreciate it..
    I know today .. my eyes are probably just feel tired and all with the headaches and all.. then.. Yes.. with them being dry.. They are always dry..
    Last April, When I went for my eye exam.. she give me a Rx for Systane.. which burned my eyes.. .. only used it maybe twice..
    When I asked my Dr about it.. this past fall.. she give me a rx for just plain Artificial tears.. so Im not sure if that has it in it or not.. its just a generic one by Rugby? and they burned too.. so.. I am not sure which one is good one for the drops without any preservatives? guess I will need to check with the Pharmacist... and see if he has one that seems to work better with most people..

    I hope You are doing well...? I don't get in here often anymore .. But I hope that Your winter was Ok for You.. it seems to have been a rough one here but.. I am hoping with the nicer weather.. even tho allergies flare up now.. that we all can start to feeling better!.. Blessings Hon... and Thanks again for replying..
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    think I mentioned before when I was trying to make my own makeup.. and got involved with the grapeseed oil and bees wax and had a really bad experience with that.. But I do know and have heard alot of people that use it and it works for them.. Guess once I get a bad reaction to something.. I am very leery of trying it again?
  4. MsBrandywine

    MsBrandywine Member

    That was really thoughtful and considerate of You to look all that information up.. I truly appreciate it..
    I will look it up to see where I can purchase some
    Blessings and Hugs,,

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