fibro & myrofascial pain syndrome also thoracic outlet syndrome

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    i was wondering if anyone else had these syndromes with the fibo? iv'e been dignosed with them all, very painful!!an i want to thank everyone for being so kind an answering my questions
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    I have never heard of thoracic outlet syndrome. what is that exactly?
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    Unfortunerly, I have alot of questions and here goes.
    I fell in 96 on the palm of my left hand. After years of physical therapy I had to quick the work I was in. Repeative movement causes my wrist to swell, muscles in my arm to tighten like a rope and the muscles in my shoulders and neck to tighten up. I also go numb in my arm and I have muscle pain in my chest and under my arm pit. At one time my muscles across my chest got so tight that they popped a rib (1st, 2nd or 3rd I can't remember now). The therapist mentioned to me she thought I had thoracic something or other and the ultra sound people I worked with in the hospital said that it could be diagnosed with a special ultra sound and that weight lifters get this alot and it is totally disabling. I mentioned it to my doc in employee health and she really got angry and even called my therapist and chewed her out...anyway is this the same thing that your talking about? All they ever treated me for is myo pain with pressure point therapy and I have fibro on top of it and it makes it hurt and swell and go numb that much more and I get migraines when it happens, A LOT. I am really looking forward to you response! No one else has metioned a thoracic condition and I am betting it's the same thing or close.

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    well from what iv'e read its has to do with the muscles an ligmints an blood vessels (my spelling isn't to good) but anyway the muscles get real tight an puts pressure on the lig an vains cutting off circulation also it causes alot of other things such as pain in the ribs,chest,tingling numbness, headaches,pain in the hands, weakness in the arms, breathing prob,also can cut into major artery to heart.the way i found out about it was i picked up some records from physical therapy an it said i had that,i never had heard of it before.also you can find it on search thru yahoo.i hope this has helped some.
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    sounds to me like you have that to, its very painful i fell at work on a wet floor in 94 an been in pain ever since i hit my neck an broke some ribs an landed on my arm an wrist.i hope you get some help for it, physical therapy helps alot but it don't last a long time so you have to keep going back.also i take vicoprofin for pain an ultram the ibprofin seems to help with the swelling.hope you get to feeling better.
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    seems to be why I was/have been having severe pain from my neck and shoulder down my arm, and numbness down my arm. The pain was excruciating, but finally after 10 - 11 weeks I am getting relief.

    I am getting chiropractic care, osteopathic care, massage, physio which I stopped when pain skyrocketed, taking supplements to promote good health plus to help with inflammation, and lately Chinese medicine: acupuncture plus herbs which is what is helping immensely.

    there is a website called bodymindresources which has some helpful stretches for TOS problems and it helped me a little. Though, I didn't get to stretching much til after week 8, too painful previously. I don't know if stretching prior to that would have been a good thing or not, it actually might have been, but I would have needed better pain control. That was a problem cause I was either allergic to the drugs [tyl 3, percoset] or they made me sick [vioxx, toradol] or they didnt' help much [tylenol, robaxacet, mobicox]. finally the acupuncture and the Chinese herbs helped reduce the pain. Some of the herbs are specifically good for reducing muscle spasm and relieving pain. Apparently the scalene muscles can get very tight, go into spasm and finding ways to release them can help a lot with brachial plexus problem. My chiro helped with that, as did the website I mentioned, explaining how to palpate the muscles and fascia to help them release at least a little, osteopathy also helps with that.

    I found that trigger point therapy was also helpful since all the muscles around my scapula and shoulder joint and neck and upper arm had so many tender points and pressure on them was relieving. I even rolled around on either a tennis ball or a little cedar ball when no one was around to press on them. Also, my homemedics massager has been much used.

    I also found applying tiger balm to be helpful, and being female, removing my bra was helpful and made me more comfortable.

    Initially with the injury and inflammation, ice was helpful, but later damp heat was recommended.

    I did lots of hot epsom salt baths.

    If you are having numbness down your arm, try to get treatment as soon as possible, because I read that if left too long the nerve damage can be permanent.

    Hope you find solutions to your pain, when it was bad for me, it had me in tears...

    Does lying flat aggravate your T.O.S.? Was my worst position, but now it's getting easier. I still use a special cervical pillow though.

    Good luck!
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    I have all three! I was in a car accident in 1981 and developed the MPS first. I was treated with trigger injections for about 15 years. Once the FM moved into my body the trigger injections were no longer effective so I started going to pain management every six weeks for epidural steroid injections as well as selective nerve blocks. Pain management suggested physical therapy so I went for about 6 weeks. One day during a strengthing exercise I felt my elbow pop and by the next day the pain was intolerable. My doctor said it was tendonitis and would heal in 6 weeks. That 6 weeks turned in to 6 or 7 months at which time it moved to my other arm. It has been 2 years of unrelentless pain. I have lost most strength in my left arm. My doctor finally did a cervical x-ray because it had been 4 years since I had one taken. Well after he saw the film he noticed that I had an extra rib. He said I was born with it. Then he did a test to confirm that this extra rib was causing all the problem. He made my pulse stop in my left arm. Thats when he diagnosed TOS. All I know is I can't take this pain anymore. I take Lortab 7.5/500 and soma and effexor. Hope this was helpful.
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    I had similiar pain due to our fibro tense muscles/mf trigger points and my loose joints pressing on the nerves in my arms, but was first diagnosed with TOS. It took a highfalutin' sports ortho doc to say that it wasn't. He told me it is often misdiagnosed and that there are many other reasons people have these symptoms. He says if you are not a weightlifter or a housepainter or spackle layer (jobs that require repetitive movement of the arm over the head so they over build the particular muscle that presses on those nerves and veins and screw up the whole area [I am not being precise but you get the point]), good chances are you should look to all other diagnoses but that one. He says doctors like that diagnosis because they can stop looking for an answer. Problem is, it requires surgery in a lot of cases.

    Stretching relieves it because our tense muscles/myofascial stuff presses nerves everywhere and causes referred pain as well. Because of my loose joints, if I strengthen my shoulder muscles it also helps.