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  1. MaryH

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    What a shock. The doctor that was interviewed said that he thought Fibro was caused by a gene problem of some kind in the kidney. That is was genetic and that it could be passed on like any genetic problem. Very small children can be sufferers.

    He uses a drug that I see mentioned on this board a lot - guaifinson(?) and has had good results. The people were actually getting their lives back.

    I just thought that was interesting.
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  2. kar1953

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    Boy, sure wish I would have known about that show. Would have been interesting to see. Thanks for the info.

  3. Tibbiecow

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    This must have been Dr. St. Amand. He's kind of the equivalent of Dr. Atkins, by the time he has enough proof that he is NOT a nutcase and that he is on the track to saving people's lives, he will be almost too old to realize the benefits and be recognized for his amazing contribution to fibromyalgia sufferers.
    I have been on Guaifinesin for about 15 months now and I have no doubt that I would be pretty much bedridden by now if it were not for this treatment. I am under the care of a doctor who works diresctly with Dr. St. Amand.
    If you are curious about it there is a book all about it called What Your Doctor Might NOT tell You About Fibromyalgia, by Dr. St. Amand and his nurse Claudia Marek, cheap in paperback and available at amazon. I got mine at Costco and it changed my life, partly with the treatment and partly because it led me to the best doctor in the world, the one locally treating me.
    Boy, I wish I saw that on the news.
  4. MaryH

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    We have a little Health Segment on every night - it only runs two or three minutes. But they talked to woman who had suffered from fibro for 40 years. Both her children had it. This doctor had everyone on this medicine and they said they were really doing a lot better and their lifestyles were very much improved. The doctor was an older man.

    I was surprised to see anything about it at all.
  5. Mikie

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    Has a lot of his patients on the Guai too. The word is spreading. I'm glad there are docs who are willing to prescribe this despite the fact that there has never been a controlled study which shows that the Guai works. I know it does because I not longer need Morphine for my FMS pain.

    Love, Mikie