Fibro or cfs sound familiar?

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    Hello, I am a 45 year old female who was diagnosed with CFS 15 years ago, it came on suddenlt and hard, could not walk or move at times, over time it got better and I was funtion ing again, only to have periodic relapses.

    Lately I am diagnosed with fibro do to inflammation in upper body, usually brought on by stress.

    Recently I wake up with burning in chest in morning, shakiness, and muscle weakness.
    I get dizzy and out of it if I stand for to long or try to do something for longer then 30 minutes.
    I have had many mris, and tomorrow a stress test. My blood pressure does do crazy things, and I seem to have orthostatic intolerance. Did flun tilt table test years ago.
    Also when I have these episodes I feel as if my adrenaline gland on left side is hurting. This past episode is the worst. I have had no pain or problems for months, then boom, I was unable to walk on legs and felt tightness in abdoemen and lower back and of course blood pressure was all over the place. Sent for more mris, and showed nothing. Had blood work and nothing.

    I am currently taking prozac 30 mg and have to tae xanax just to keep self calm as it gets worse if I am stressed. Sound like anyone elses story. If so what are you doing for it. Do I need to see a neurologist. I appreciate any info and feedback.
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