Fibro or Chronic myofacail pain syndrome

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    I have noticed that my rib cage hurts to the touch, all over my joints hurts, rains snow warm or cold I don't know why? I have been so cold lately but that could be because of the past two or three storms taht have dumped close to 15 inches of wet snow. Then comes the cold air and the smog and more cold artic air. I live in nothern Utah where we get alot of snow, but we are all so a desret state . I am so tired of living in so much pain , and to top it off I have applied for a new drivers license and had to check the disabled part as I am on SSDI, the only catorgory close to what I have was osteo arthritis. I know that I have it and need new knees but can't afford them now. But the biggest worry is having to deal with wrting on paper all my meds like MSconitn, MSIR< soma, visteril and xanax, I have to put the meds down but not the dosage, thank goodness. Idon't see my rehumy alot as he says he can't do much for me as I have had bad reactions to injections to help my knee's, But the good part is that in all the years I have been on pain meds I have not ever been pulled over for speeding DUI, any thing. I am hopeing that will help me greatly. Now I just have to talk to my rehumy and ask him to fill out the form and let me know if he feels that I am safe to drive. I don't take as many pain meds as I did even two years ago. All this is stresssing me out along with other stress's in my life I am hurting so much more but I don't drive when I hurt I have one of my daughters take me up town to the store or where ever I need to go. When I do drive I take my 12 hr MScontin at 6 am and am not up and around till after 1 pm most days. I have found that who ever said that this med lasts a full 12 hours is wrong 6 to 8 at best. I take it again at 9:30-19pm and then try to sleep. I never drive when I have taken my soma as some days it can make me dizzy and others nothing. But are the people who read this going to belive in what I have written or what my md says. I am going to ask that if he will write that I am ok to drive , and to give me a good rating so that I can still take my Mom to the doctors ects. Please pray for me as this is such a stress right now. I can't take much more. I live with pain that no ones knows why it hurts me daughters don't understand, and want me off all pain meds. Then I really would not be able to drive, the pain would be over whelming to me.

    Thanks for letting me vent.~HUGS~

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    It seems to be just an ongoing issue for you with your daughters and everything else. Either you're going to have to accept that your daughters are going to have their opinions and leave it at that or take them to one of your Dr's appointments and have them hear it from his mouth directly. If the latter is the choice, I would call your Dr. ahead of time and tell him what you're dealing with.

    My Mom had a terrible problem w/pain (still does) - had to be hospitalized just for pain. Anyway, my sisters were so hesitant to think that pain meds were the only option for her at the time. Finally they saw that seeing Mom is pain was way worse than the thought of her taking something for relief. The Dr. also came in and explained the situation to the family. He adamantly said "Quality of life right now is what is important, we do not worry about habituation in cases of chronic pain like this"

    That wasn't actually the family's (other family - not me) concern, but he did mention that.

    Either your kids need education or unfortunately you're going to have to stop fighting it, it is causing you too much stress on a daily basis.

    (fyi - Fortunately my Mom does not need pain meds all the time, other things are working for her, they kept her in bed)

    I am not trying to be harsh in anyway - I care and just hate to see you posting the same thing day after day after your family and their "non-support".

    Praying for some good days for you!!
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    Hi Rosemarie

    I dont ck the dmv disability part. Your doc will have to write a letter about your condition and if any meds can affect your driving. The DMV then decides if you can drive or have a restricted license.

    Never take soma and drive plz! do you take soma visteril and xanax?

    Understand about the ribs. Its most likely chondiritus(sp). I have had this bad the last yr. Weather here in Ut going bad again,I feel your pain!
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    I take my soma at night, along with pain meds and xanax, then I try to sleep. I have so much pain in my legs that I don't know what's going on. My legs hurt so badly that the bones hurt, I don't know what cause's that? really bad pain deep into my bone/s.

    When ever I started to take a new med, I did not drive until I knew how it affected me. I also know that when my fibro fatique hits I don't drive. If I get really sleepy feeling I and have been driveing when it hits I pull the car over and rest till it ease's up so that I can go home and sleep. I am so stired of all my ribs hurting and how deeply my bones ache when I am tired adn have over done it.

    I have rad up on my scritps that say don't suddenly stop these meds, don't drive untill you know how they affect you. I should be seeing the doctor once a month and if he had problems with my driveihg I have been his patient for 5 yrs he could have said somes thing then not waited till this time,. I just want to be given a chance to drive. to take a road test and be able to explain what I have and how I feel, to be able to tell the DL people that I don't drive while taing my meds, I try to take them at bedtime, and don't take any thing again till 6 am.

    I have understand the issue, I don't while taking soma, or long acting pain meds. I take one every 15at night. I take one at 6 am and don't take another till 10 om at night, I need to talk to doctor about how often I should see him , he recommened time is every month to see how i am doing to ask me how I feel, how I drive, what do I take before driveing, , I don't drive till after 3 pm in the day time. I watch what i take before driving. and I know better to drive I am sleepy.

    My daughters are trying to accept me for who i am now. They want what is best for me and are going to see my doctor with me because I tend to stick my food in my mouth, cry, make a fool of my self and i can make things sound worse than they really are because I get defensive.
    Thanks for your for your thoughts.
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