FIBRO or MS someone please reply

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by claireandgiles, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. claireandgiles

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    i am so scared right now! for 2 months i have been feeling off balance and thought it must be my ears then i have aching in my legs and arms and feel tired, i feel that now but sometimes it goes and i feel half normal! but lately i have had pins and needles in my arms and legs! drives me nuts! my left hand feels weak too!

    scared i have MS!!! anyone care to help xx
  2. KMD90603

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    Unfortunately, none of us can say whether it is MS or fibro. It is, however, important that you see your doctor. Describe all of your symptoms to him/her. Your doctor will most likely order a gazillion tests and send you to a rheumy and/or a neurologist for further evaluation.

    The problem with fibro is that it does not show up in blood work, so it's only diagnosed after other possibilities are ruled out.

    Hope this helps. Gentle healing hugs to you.

  3. twitcher

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    I've had this going on for over a year now. weakness, numbness, tingling, twitching, hyperactive reflexes, pain and much more. I also have that feeling of weakness that moves around to different extremities. It feels weak but my hand grasps are equal and strong etc...It will move around at any given time. For example, yesterday my right foot felt weak, then in an hour it was my left hand.I've had every MS test known to man, including a spinal tap. Everything is completely normal. I've been told by a neuro and a rheumy that it's fibro. I don't believe it. I'm convinced I have MS. I just can't go in in life without knowing what it is. It's horrible.
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    In the beginning of my CFS, I had a balance problem really bad and also had extreme fatigue and a whole bunch of other symptoms. One doctor told me he thought I had MS. THe main reason was because of my hypereflexia. MS was later ruled out and I was diagnosed with CFS. After 7 1/2 years my balance problem is alot better, but still there. I used to have a lot of falls because of it, and I still to this day have one now and then.

    Pins and needles feeling was also bad in the beginning, but now I hardly ever have them.

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    Hi there

    I'm so sorry to hear how scared you are. Please see your Dr, if he/she isnt helpful, please change and see another one.

    I found my GP responded well when my husband came along and helped me explain things, he could also remember stuff which I usually forgot by the time I got home.

    Take care and be gentle with yourself.
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    I get those very symptoms if I end up anemic because my body doesn't digest nutrients well. There's all kinds of anemia, but this is what happens to me when I get it.

    It might not be it, but I thought I'll offer suggestions of the cause, especially since yours started 2 months ago.

    Many fibro hugs!

    PS: I don't think it's MS, but who am I to tell? The symptoms can be similar, though.
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    Hello claireandgiles,

    I HAD to reply to your post when I read the pins and needles in your arms and legs. I get the same thing! Drives me nuts too.

    I'll tell you what my counsler told me, but I do not know if its true. She told me that the pins and needles feeling is a way for pain to be released from the body.

    I walk into walls and forget what I'm doing all the time. I need to be check for MS next, but am dreading it ~ I'm claustrophobic.

    Talk to your doctor sweetie, but know you are not alone.


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    I can relate to your symptoms.
    I have been having pins,needle and pain in both my legs, feet and hands and arms. Ihave been dx with rt hand carpal tunnel(which needs surgery asap)
    HOwever, my ortho will not do surgery until he finds out what else is going on(beside fibro)
    It seems that my symptoms became worse after my rt. shoulder surgery in April.
    My neuro ordered numerous tests.
    I have had 9 tubes of blood drawn, last Friday. Looking or Lupus, RA, Lyme, diabetes, etc,etc.
    Also just had a brain MRI today (with and without contrast)
    She is looking for MS.
    I will get my results next Tuesday. Neuro thinks I have peripheral neuropathy, but wants to r/o all other causes.
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  10. claireandgiles

    claireandgiles New Member

    thanks alot everyone! i have a book about fibro and the symptoms r very similar to ms!! even the pins and needles they say its cus of all those lumps pressing on nerves! if i get tested and its all ruled out ms i will start to believe its fibro
  11. kellygirl

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    I do believe the researchers believe that CFS can be caused by a group of Herpes viruses that also cause MS. It is not to say we have MS, but the symptoms overlap. I was checked for MS because of my legs not working. MS is ruled out by an MRI. In fact, our county support group has MS and FMS patients in the same group. My son-in-law was dx'd w/ MS and he has the same cognitive problems: word block, forgetting what he went into a room for, misplacing items, even going to the store and forgetting how to use the card scanner.