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    I have had fibro for about five years now. I have a very close friend and her husband that are always doubting that I have anything wrong with me. As you all know some days we are alright and then look out. I am getting so tired of them makng me feel like I am faking it. How do you deal with people like this? I had them read (hi my name is fibromyalgia) That didn't seem to sink in at all.
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    Hi and good morning

    You know I hate to say this .. but will anyway... it is not entened to hurt you in any way . please understand this... I pray they start to understand.

    you know if this is in deed a GOOD friend. then they should not be doubting your illness , should they ? I know how hard it is,

    But I am lucky to have only a few friends that took the time to get educated about my illness. Thank God.. Mind you besides my family .. my husband, mom and Dad, I have two friends I meet up with or one who helps me with my yard and stuff. I trade off and cook for her . she is single and lives alone. so does not cook for herself very often. and she just loves my cooking. ( sadly I dont enjoy cooking like I used to ) so the meals come fewer but she does not mind ..

    you know if they see how this affects you why would they doubt you and think you are fakikng ... why would anybody fake something like this.. I never understand

    I hope that you can just love your husband more for understanding . and love your self .. the rest really don"t matter. at least not in my mind.

    I am truly sorry you are going through this... I pray that your friends open there mind before they lose you .

    my best wishes... and hugs ... Spirit. ~
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    I've found that if my attempts at trying to educate others about my illnesses have failed I have to cut the people off for my own peace of mind. It's the only thing that's worked for me. So far they've all been OK with it. Maybe relieved?

    I don't know. People have their own stuff going on too. It may be that our situation is bringing up issues for them they don't even know they have.

    Regardless you have every right to look out for your own well-being. Imagine if they were doing this to a child of yours in the same situation. Would you want to protect your child from them? I would.

    The book Boundaries by Cloud/Townsend really helped me deal with this. People with chronic illnesses need very strong boundaries with others in their lives. Much stronger than normally.

    I know it hurts but I've found that it's easier for me to get over it if I really pull back and stick to my boundaries.

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