fibro or something else??

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    Hope someone can help me. I've had a strange, debilitating illness for one year now. It started with sudden leg weakness. The doctors said it was a disk in my neck pushing on my spinal cord. I had a fusion 8 months ago. I got worse after the surgery.

    I have the following symptoms:

    eye floaters
    muscle pain and twitching all over
    shoulder, neck, back pain(severe)
    numbness and tingling all over
    fast heart beat
    leg weakness with trouble walking
    hyperactive reflexes

    I have had every neuro test known to man...MRI's of brain, neck, entire spine, evoked potentials. EMG and recently a spinal tap. It's all been completely normal. I thought I had MS but the neuro's say no and tests don't show anying.

    I recently had an episode of left sided weakness and my leg is still dragging.

    I was diagnosed with Fibro in March. I have a hard time believing Fibro could cause all these symptoms.

    I appreciate any input you can give me.


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    I am new to the "fibroworld" and actually don't have a diagnosis yet myself, but this sounds a lot like what I have been going through and what a lot of people on the boards here describe. It is so hard to believe that our tests can all come back "normal", yet we have all these symptoms and pain!

    May I ask what kind of doctor finally gave you the fibro diagnosis? I have a rheumy I have seen for years for JRA and he won't diagnosis FM, but I am almost positive i have it.
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    Request an Igenex Western Blot test for have listed lyme symptoms. You can go to their web site and request a test be sent to your home. Go for need to rule this out. If any bands test positive you need to find a lyme doc which we can help you on the lyme board of this site.

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    I would see a lyme doctor and like jar said get a lyme test through IGENEX. Check out the Lyme boards.
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    Good idea to test for LYme as well.

    Your symptoms are typical for FM. I just read another post and someone there said FM is sometimes said to be "mini- MS". Symptoms of MS and FM can be VERY similar. If the spinal tap showed no sign of MS I bet you can trust the FM diagnosis.

    But do as the other posters said and test for LYME too, maybe get the lab records to see if it's not done already.
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    I am no medical professional, but from the way it sounds you have symptoms both of fibro and risidual problems from your back. Remember, even though you had surgery, back surgery is only effective in improving all symptoms significantly in only 50% of all cases. Not a high percentage. When my pain was very severe, I also had the numbness, tingling, etc. Also depending on what nerves are affected, that's where your leg difficulties come in. I would recommend trying chiropractic care or at least consulting your chiropractor. The problem with back injuries is that they work against fibro. If the back problem is bad the fibro is worse. If the back feels better. The fibro isn't as bad. Hope that helps
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. I am seeing a lyme doctor. I did have Igenex testing and it showed 30+, 39 IND, 41 IND on IGM. He only ran IGM. I also had 3 bullseye rashes in 1992 followed by a full-blown neuro sydrome 7 months later. The symptoms finally went away only to return last year. They are really bad. I'm almost diabled, nothing is showing on test results. I am taking Biaxin. I did get much worse on the antibiotic.

    I was diagnosed with fibro by a Rheumy, although he never checked for the tender points.