fibro pain and methadone

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kidwell99, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. kidwell99

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    please help me
    I have been taking methadone for 3 months prescribed by a previous pain doctor. A new pain doctor told me methadone is only for cancer patients with extreme pain and that fibro pain does not warrant the long term use of any opiate precriptions. My fibromyalgia pain is debilitating without the help of pain killers. Is the fibro pain this severe in other people?
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    Hi kidwell99...yes, I take methadone for fibro and was prescribed the drug by my pain doctor. I think your pain doctor is wrong because my pain doctor says that methadone is the #1 best treatment for fibro pain!

    If you do a search for methadone on this board, this has been discussed a lot. There are quite a few of us on it. I think I'd find another pain doctor. It sure does help me function semi-normally, and I'd be in bed without it. It sounds like it might be the same with you.

    Good luck and blessings, Ann
  3. kidwell99

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    dear dear dear ann,
    thank you so much for the response. I did scroll thru all the methadone postings. Yep, everyone is taking it.

    I will never go without it again. The pain is just to severe and i think that doctor is a loon.

    Thank you again
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    hey i have been taking methadone for sometime and i agree w/ you and ann---------coul not get out of bed w/out it----good luck w/ your new doc---------love to all------laura
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    i suspect we're not allowed to discuss any type of pain reliever not federally approved for use in the US, but legal in other countries. nothing of the type that could be grown and smoked, for example. so i won't. and if i get booted for not discussing it, goodbye all, and thanks for your posts, which have been really helpful to me. almost as helpful as not-said drug (which i have never used, because it's illegal everywhere but california, where i was diagnosed).
  6. kidwell99

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    my gp sent me to new pain doc thinking he would "cure" me.
    will be returning to old doctor however, I was lucky to find him. I got sick in 2/06 and was diagnosed w/ FM in June 06, so i am really, really, really new to all of this.

    New doctor every month, new drugs every month, etc etc.

    I am THRILLED to find this website, grateful and sad..

    thank you everyone and keep happy thoughts!!!

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    Yes. If they based it on how much pain you experience persons with FMS would get better pain meds than many with cancer. Not all cancers come with extreme pain. The reason Dr's are more open to giving it to cancer patients is because many die and won't/don't become addicted. Maybe this is incorrect but it is what I believe to be true. If our pain was managed better there would be less people who are disabled and probably less problems with drugs and alcohol. A lot of persons with pain diseases turn to alcohol or street drugs because of the severe pain and they get no help from the medical community - Bobby
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    kidwell, yep I agree with everyone esle go back to the first pain dr and get the methadone. The pain dr I am seeing now doesnt even beleive in fibro, and said in school he was taught there was no way to treat fibro. I am going through a bunch of crap just for him to continue with the radio frequency on my neck, which I have to have.

    This has been a very bad year with me for Dr.

    And welcome to the board, there is alot of great information posted here, and really great people.
    Love Brenda

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    Please explain what you mean by RF on your neck. Is it like a tens unit? I have had neck problems, pain, severe for 30 years+. The only thing that helps is massage and that gets expensive as it is not covererd. The only thing that the PT would do was traction therapy which seemed to make it worse. THe traction felt good during it but afterwards was very sore. Thanks Bobby