fibro pain at night

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    What kind of mattress or feather bed or whatever are you supposed to get with fibromyalgia. A regular mattress is very painful to sleep on for me.
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    It's not the mattress keeping you awake!! Welcome to the not-so-fun world of FM. I rotate between our bed, the front couch or the "big" couch - depending on what part is hurting or if I'm just having the usual can't sleep night and I don't want to keep my husband awake. Some nights no matter what I do I wake up every 15 minutes. Others I sleep for awhile but wake up with hands and fingers numb and tingling, or my leg and foot are aching or twitching, etc. Unfortunately you'll have to experiment for what works best for you. Sometimes the sleep meds or anti-depressants help -- some nights even they don't. Alot of nights I go to bed with the hubby and then get up about 1/2 hr later because I can't sleep and just move to one of the couches. There I can toss and turn to my hearts content and at least one of us can get some sleep. Wishing you a good night's sleep!!!!.....Pam
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    first of all I bought myself a memory foam topper. It is 2 inches thick and has a 4 lb density. I bought if off of ebay, but others have had success at walmart or off of . I take Kloponin(1.25mg) and Elavil(10mg), and usually Advil for pain at bedtime. If I take my Tylenol 3's at bedtime it usually gives me a racey brain and it won't shut off.
    I also use heat. Grain bags that you heat up in the microwave, heating pads, actually, I just bought a electric heated mattress pad cover to put over my memory foam topper as my pain is over large areas of my body.
    Then I use a topical pain reliever and apply the heated grain bags to those areas. I have been using 024 for about 2 wks and am liking it(you can do a search here on that topic) I've also used Deep Cold plus, and things like that. It helps relax my muscles and the heat helps it penatrate deeper. Then I read till my meds kick in and then I go to sleep. My hubby and I have had to start sleeping in separate bedrooms, as we both have "special" sleep needs. LOL. You gotta do what you gotta do!
    Hope some of this helps!
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    I have tried many things ... bless my husband's heart, lol ....

    The product I like best, that requires the least amount of maintainance is the memory foam toppers. I just bought today a CA. king size topper for our master bedroom.

    I have previously purchased the full size memory foam topper ... I wanted to make sure I really liked it before purchasing the more expensive king size one.

    The ones I have are made by Isotonic. I have all three of their pillows too. The topper is 2 inches thick and really has stopped my pressure pt. pain. I no longer writhe around in pain from just being in bed.

    I tried the goose down, and down/synthetic mix toppers before I switched to the memory foam. The down toppers loose their shape and have to be fluffed everyday. After a while , they loose their shape entirely.

    Tempurpedic is the high end mem.foam topper. ( King size 699.00 at most retail outlets. ) Isotonic and ( a new one ... can't remember name ) are mid-range. Overstock has a great selection at a very good price.

    Alot of people here love their "cuddle ewe" toppers purchased here. I'm not big on wool to sleep with, but that's just me.

    I also have a body pillow that is just heaven when your arms and/or legs are really hurting. The support from that long pillow is amazing.

    Hope this helps .... For me, it was worth my husband and I investing in these toppers. We'll do anything to help improve my sleep. Better sleep means I have a fighting chance to get through my days .... maybe with less medication!! Yeah !!

    Good luck,