Fibro pain much worse after disc surgery in neck.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by IngyW68, Feb 3, 2003.

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    Hi, it's me again, just wondering if anyone else has experienced more fibro symptoms after surgery? I had two discs that ruptured in my neck and they did the replacement with my own hip bone. My Dr. did NOT put in metal plates to stabalize as many others do so I had to wear my hard neck brace for 3 months. This was a little over a year ago and now I am having even more pain in shoulders, neck, and upper back. Although the direct symptoms from the discs are gone like total loss of mobility, numbness in arms and hands, I am starting to feel more fibro pain. Has anyone else had this??? The surgery was totally necessary since the ruptured discs would have cut off complete circulation to my spinal cord and could have paralyzed my arms so I am glad to not have that happen! However, now I am wondering if I will have to live with this :( Thanks.
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    I've actually had fibro symptoms for years but I didn't know what they were. But after a fall in 2001 and surgery on my neck in May of last year the symptoms became much worse. Bad enough that I finally had to get treatment. After the fall I started having the pain all over my body and some fibro fog but about 3 or 4 months after the surgery things just got crazy. I hurt like I've never hurt before, couldn't concentrate or remember things and was so tired all the time that all I ever did was move from the bed to the sofa and back again. And at work I would go to the ladies room and sit on the commode for 30-45 minutes at a time just to rest for a while and at lunch time I would go to my car or to the conference room and lie down. Some of the research I've done talks about the onset of fibro symptoms after surgery (of all types) or injuries or serious infections. But now that I've gotten a medication combo that seems to be working the pain isn't as bad. I've even started to walk some during lunch instead of lying down and hopefully will be able to build up to walking every day. I won't let this DD get the best of me so while I'll have to live with it, I won't let it dominate my life. Hope you'll find a way to get some relief too.

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    I had cervical fusion at 5/6.Yes,my symptoms got alot worse,but I had screws and plate put in mine.Chiropractor told me that they locked my neck in place and my curve in my neck is going the opposite it is supposed to.He called me unique,I think we all are,with these invisible diseases.There is so much pressure on my spine,from my neck that it causes my hips to go out of adjustment,very painful.He put my hip back in place,no pain for 1 day,then extreme pain for a few days, after the 1 day no pain,not worth it.You are probably lucky they didn't put screws and plate in yours.Well,just thought I would fill you in on my experience.Sorry to hear of yours.((((HUGS))))))))) Beth
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    Several days ago I asked about surgery possibly making fibromyalgia symptoms worse. It concerned me because I had read in a number of places that surgery is one of several things that often preceed a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. So, that being the case, it stood to reason that surgery might also make existing fibromyalgia worse.

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    hi ingy, neck surgery is no fun but then the alternative of being paralysed from the neck down is a lot worse so we have to count our blessings. I had neck surgery in 2000, 3 disks replaced C4 C5 C6 C7 and a chunk of my right hip put in as well as a 6 cm piece of titanium. I was on a neck brace too for 2 months and developed horrible pain in the neck and shoulder area. Seeing a biofeedback doctor was a blessing . Please do it !
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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the great suggestions and words of comfort. It is so great to know that I am not alone in this illness and there are others (unfortunately) that have this too. My dr. finally prescribed some Vicodin for the short term to get past the major pain I have been having the past week and she will reccommend a pain specialist so I can work on doing things without medicine when I hopefully get pregnant in the next 6 months or so:) Take care.

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    I know exactly what you are going through.I had a rupturd disc in my neck repaired with a titanium plate a little over a year ago and my fibro symptoms have definately went nuts!My neck,shoulders and arms never stop hurting anymore.Most days I feel as if my head weighs a ton and can't hold it up.HAVE CONSTANT HEADACHES AND MISCLE SPASMS.I suggest you try massage therapy.It does help if you have it done faithfully.