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    Dear Loto,
    I only have the neck and shoulder pain in the left side, wierd, eh? I also have diabetes and use neurontin for the tingling in hands and feet and legs. The inside muscle of my knee "always" hurts and has since I was diagnosed several years ago. I always know when it is going to rain as it all gets worse. When I get up in the morning, my neck and shoulder hurt so bad I can hardly wait for the Ultram to start working. I finally quit going to my Rheum because all he would say to my complaining was yep, that's the fibro. (go home and take your pills like a good little girl!) I really need to find the CAUSE of the shoulder and neck pain. I generally have a headache behind the right side of my forehead.
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    I know I'm not Loto - but wanted to respond.
    You should have some testing done to see if something else is going on - pinched nerve, something happening in your neck etc.

    The pain in the muscle in your knee could be totally unrelated. I have horrible pain generally in my right knee (once in a while in my left) been 99% of the time in my right. No arthritis, just Fibro pain.
    It's not to say that your shoulder/arm pain may not be fibro pain, it certainly could be, but you should rule out other things to be sure. PT, massages etc. are a good idea.

    Neck pain can absolutely cause terrible headaches. Anything out of whack in that area can make your head ache.
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    I agree with the other poster ... you need to get a CT scan or MRI of your neck. You probably have problems like I do. I have spinal stenosis, degenerated disks, pinched nerves, etc. in my neck. It causes headaches, shoulder pain, my arms to go numb when I lift my arms up, like to talk on the phone, etc.

    You should also have a CT scan of your knee. The muscle that always hurts could be torn or something and need repaired.

    Start with your primary care doctor and ask him to order these tests. If he refuses, then ask him to refer you to someone who will!

    If I have something unusual start bothering me, I NEVER think that it has anything to do with fibro, I always get it checked out. Too many of us think everything in the world that happens is related to the fibro and it's not. It may be, but never take a chance. It could be something serious--you just never know.