Fibro/Pain "thrive not just survive" conference, Portland, Oregon

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    There is a conference with lunch in Portland, Oregon, Saturaday the 4th. Is anyone going? I think it is 10 to 3 pm. You can look it up on

    It is free. I registered but am not sure I feel up to going with having to find a parking spot, etc. plus I can't sit that long for one time so would have to stand and I would probably be embarrassed. Course, I guess in a room full of pain people, that would be okay.

    This is for family and caretakers also.

    They are speaking about dealing with pain, tai chi (sp), sleep problems, psychological and I am not sure what else. Most of the speakers are from associations such as arthritis, fibromyalgia association, sleep assoc., etc.

    My brother is going just for the free lunch, which is to be a salad bar. He and I both have been diagnosed as having an "immune anomaly", fibro????.

    Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else was going.


    PS: Of course, dare I appear in pain, as Pfizer is one of the sponsors and I should have taken their "miracle" pill, you know the one, then I would be pain free and fun. I couldn't resist the comment, sorry. If Lyrica works for you, all the better. I am just in a down mood today, sorry. I found Lyrica a very bad experiment.

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    to go. It would mean leaving Friday and spending the night in Portland. I am just too tired to drive 5 or 6 hrs.

    Thanks for the info though. If you go maybe you can post a message and let us know if you learned anything new.

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