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    I wanted to let everyone know about this great story about people finally standing up to these big insurance companies and getting access to the proper medication for Fibro patients.

    From the Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

    "There have been some insurers who take the stand that if they make it more and more difficult for patients to get these medications, they will go away," said Lynne Matallana, president and founder of the nonprofit National Fibromyalgia Association.

    Please take the time and read it all:
  2. lrning2cope

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    Thank you for the information and link . I am going to check it out.

  3. charming

    charming New Member

    But I also read a article for people with fibromyalgia from the pharmacy where I use to get my pain medication that WE /US with FMS and had been diagnosed that the goverment had past a bill to make sure that WE/US FMS patients get 90 days supplies of pain medication each time we refill or fill a prescription and theres nothing the insurance company can fight it on.
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