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    Is anyone here a Parent of a child sufferer? My son has Fibro, it is quite rare for a young boy to have this, as its usually girls that suffer from it. My son is 12yrs old, and I think hes had it since he was very young, possibly even before he was 3yrs old. Would be nice to chat with another parent, and is there any support groups in Cornwall, England for Fibro sufferers? as I believe this online support forum is American based? xx
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    I have a 9 year old grandson who has ME and has had it noticeably since about 4. He does not have fibromyalgia but when he overdoes it he does suffer some aching pain. He has all the other typical symptoms of ME, such as chronic diarrhea, mild autistic symptoms, hearing sensitivity, light sensitivity and post exertional malaise. His mother has ME and MCS.
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    There is a mom who is pretty regular in the chat room in the evenings who has a son who I think fits what you are looking for. Her username is Pamusicity or something pretty close to that. She is very, very kind and knowledgeable. She has ME herself and also has a young daughter with the illnesses too. She is a trooper. I hope you can connect with her in the chat room.

    I am sorry that your son has FM. It is hard enough to have it. Being a young boy with what is often referred to as a "women's disease" can be an extra emotional burden on top of the suffering he already goes through.
    I can imagine as a mother that it breaks your heart too. Sending you a hug -Michele