FIBRO RELAPSE - What Happens To You, Is It Sudden OR?

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  1. debbiedo

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    Hello Everybody. To all of you that have experienced a "Relapse" would you mind sharing with me what you go through?
    I just would like to sort out for myself, from your experiences, if I really belong and experience what other Fibro sufferers do (cause I have my doubts I fit in here) Many of my symptoms indicate MS (is this my destiny) Your experience, I am hoping, will clarify if what is going on with me fits here or there.
    If you want to read on, this is how a Relapse is for me there is sudden loss of ability to move or use arms, legs? Are Fibro relapses a gradual process of the muscles spasm. How does a relapse come on for you? Does your body give out warning signals? When I relapse I lose the ability to see clearly, think or remember where I am, first my arms lose strength, over the next hour the entire body goes into spasm until I'm freezing cold, unable to talk, pins and needles quickly progress from head to toe, no one is able to touch any part of my skin as the pain increases tenfold and I have recently urinated myself without knowing Id done so, my hands and feet turn purple,and I keep being told how drunk I appeared. I lie whereever I am, concrete floor, where ever until my muscles have no reason to keep tightening (I do remember the urgency to urinate every few minutes)it takes an hr or more to finally subside, however, my muscles immediately feel bruised and pulled all over which takes about a week to overcome. Slurring speach, is another part of it. Now, this will for me come and go then stop as suddenly as it started and have no pain, sometime for months then I get about two weeks of things I now notice as a potential relapse. The reason I ask is that my GP has suggested that may be I have been getting treated for the wrong condition and may be I have Fibro and maybe I have MS or another neurological condition. doesn't believe I do have FIBRO due to the nature of my "what I call relapses" and I havn't been able to understand exactly why I feel like the only person to have relapses which are more indicitive of an MS Relapse than a Fibro Relapse.
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    Hi Debbie. I'm sorry you're having problems but you will get a lot of good info here. As for relapses, mine come on gradually. I'll start to feel pain, usually in my hips (my worst spot). Then the fatigue will come, which to me feels like I'm almost drugged. I go to work, but I'm in a very fatigued state. I don't have the pins-and-needles feeling you described, but just a lot of pain. When I'm in a fatigued state, I just want to sit on the couch and not move. I'm not paralyzed, I just don't want to move. My skin almost feels like its sun-burnt. I don't like having clothes on my body (hee hee) and I also get the brain-fog. Have you had an MRI yet? Doesn't that help diagnose MS? I think there are other people here who do have MS and maybe they can help you figure out your symptoms. I would continue to work with a neurologist to help figure this out - it sounds a bit more than fibro, but there are people who have both. Good luck!!!!

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    I have to agree with Annette2. Your relapses sound much more severe than any fibro relapse I have had. My relapses with the fibro come on slowly and most times I don't even know I am in a relapse until weeks have gone by with no let up on the pain and fatigue and a steady increase in all of my symptoms. I was diagnosed with FM by a rheumatologist. I don't think you should wait. I think you should see a specialist soon.

    Take care. POOPED
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    My best friend has Lupus. A lot of the things you said sounds like what she is going through. She also Rynards which causes her hand and feet to turn red sometimes blue and ache all the time. The pins and needles too. She as I go into flare ups quickly.She does not have the everyday pain as I do, but durning the flare up she is in alot of pain. See a specialist ASAP. The "brain fog" happens to her as well as my self. It is classic system. Please find someone to help you as soon as you can!! The sooner you can get this under control the better.

  5. debbiedo

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    Hi there. Your message was what I was hoping to hear and what I mean by that is that since I was diagnosed a couple of years back with FMS I just havn't been able to relate to so much of what is happening to me. This really isolates you, as I'm sure you understand. Wow, I'm flabagasted to hear what you and your husband share in common - illnesses that, as you said, quiet often seem very the same.
    I think I mentioned in my 1st message that my GP and I have discussed these relapses that I have and she too believes my symptoms are MS indicative.
    However, here's the thing. I had an MRI in January, no lesions. Did your husband get a clear diagnosis straight off? Iv'e never thought of asking to see a Rheumatologist, do you know what the difference is in going to a Neurologist? Hey, I'm so very appreciative of you taking the time to answer my 1st letter. I will understand if you don't reply, even if its for no other reason than you are not having a good day yourself, so please only respond if you are up to it. Take Care Deb
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    i have fibromyalgia,which was diagnosed by a rheumatologist. they specialize in all bone and muscle ailments,they check for trigger points on your body,i never knew i had any till i went that first time. i had at least 12 of the 18 which is probably the most. anyway, i had to go to a neurologist,because i told my rheumy i was losing my balance,no memory,slurring speech,and had experienced solid numbness 2 or 3 times, in my left arm,(i literally could not move it)and 1 time in my leg. well to make a long story short,the neurologist,did a MRI,and a couple ,more tests,but the verdict was ,i had been having mini-strokes,and due to those srokes,was the reason i experienced all that numbness and slurring. i have more health problems than that, but am not even going there,lol. anyway a neurologist will be able to tell you if you have ms,if he rules that out,if he`s worth a darn,he`ll keep searching or send you TO somebody else. a neuro is experienced in matters of the brain and central nervous system,and a rheumatoid is experienced in matters like arthritis,and fm and other bone and muscle diseases. well i could just have told you those last 2 sentences without adding all the other,but i`m a long winded,talker and writer. (i can`t help it). good luck,debbie,you sound more like ms than fm from my experience. so go asap to neuro.God Bless you!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hi Deddiedo, Sorry to read about your relaspe. It's scarey not knowing what's going on with yourself. Myself I have spasms in my legs, back & arms. Burning, heavy feeling like your carring 10,000 # in each limb. Hands & feet are cold & painful in the winter, which is rayon disease. There are days when i can not be touched, it just hurts to be touched by any thing!!!! Feet hurt real bad when on them so much, first thing in the moring it hurts too even walk.. Vision does get blurred, speech slurrs, my gate can be bad at x's. Don't what to go any where, specially where there is alot of people, the niose of all that chatter gives me instead headaches. Sun hurts the eyes and it makes me tired that i had to pull over on the side of the road to take a nap, that;s how bad the attacks would hit me. This is what i went throu- for so many years.. As of today 7/5/03. I feel new!! Feel so good most of the f/m signs are gone. It's been along 5 yrs. of recovering after my last baby. Had the P/B blues so suveare that i was in the hospital for 2 months. Had to learn how to walk, dress and do q day chores. IT WAS PURE H---.!!!!!!!! The f/m & rh was out of control because of the p/b, all have to do w the hormons that throws u out of whack.. % yrs. of many, many meds. and learning my limits, i feel soooooooo good!!!!!!!! I'm ready to go back too work. Only promblem i have is what can i do?? Can go back into the nursing field, dont'nt have the strenght to lift any more, 22 yrs. washed away!! Oh well! Hope to find a new field soon. Hang in there debbiedo. I prayed alot & still pray that this wonderful new feeling don;t go out the window. Still waiting for the relaspe to happen again, this happened once before to me & i lived q great moment of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll pray for u, bless u pedals
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    Another Fibromite here, but not symptoms like yours. Its just what someone else said, horrible pain, spasms, fog, fatigue and just a terrible lousy feeling. But not passing out or falling down, no blackouts either.

    Do please, go have this checked out no matter where you need to go. Get someone to listen to you.

    This is not Fibro as far as I can see at all.

    You take care of yourself, and if you have time come back and let us know what is going on with you.

    Shalom, Shirl