FIBRO Related Cause-Helpful Therapies.........Please Voice Your Experience!

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    Hello Everyone......
    This is gonna get rather lengthy and I am gonna try and cover perhaps too may topics in one thread........but I am just hoping to share experiences and hopefully start a healthy educational debate over what I consider for myself some new areas which may provide some help for a few or even more......I am quite hopeful on what I am about to mention, as the early results from one of these is working for me with pain and depression.

    First, I am selling nothing. Second, I have either just begun these therapies or planning on my personal experience is somewhat limited, but I am more excited about helping myself with my fibromyalgia then I have been for many years. My supplement regimen is ever changing, so there may be additional benefits realized that may not just come from the following. Here is the short list of what I am excited about and then I'll give a short mention of my experience so far or however it relates to me.

    I had never heard of this, but this may be a link for me, or if you will, some of the real problem underneath the dx of fibro for me.......I have been told that this may be referred to as the "hereditary Alcoholic Metabolism".......Symptoms are awful pain and nightmarish state of mind.
    The help for me came with a regimen of Vitamin B,6 or P-5-P, (which is a form of B,6) in high doses accompanied with L-Tryptophan, which I may need in high doses, don't know yet. I found relief within hours......the biggest relief I have ever gotten. Now take into account, I don't really do any pain meds or any other meds currently.......I just happen to hate meds. So I really have been in a awful lot of pain at times.....not saying I am some special brave soul, I am not, and the pain has had me in tears quite a few times. It has gone from a 9 to a 2-3. I have lingering detox stuff going on, but I am able to stay focused and actually am looking forward to tomorrow.

    Pulsed Electronic Magnetic Frequency
    I used to get these treatments at the "Clymer Clinic in Pa. The magnetic machine used there was the Magnatherm. These machines are out of line price wise for the average person, but now there are much more affordable options for this therapy for home or even clinical use. I have chose to purchase a MRS 2000. Up to the previous regimen of B,6 and L-Tryptophan, there has never been one thing that I had tried that made such a big difference in my health. It has been my personal experience that it probably did promote healing, it probably affected my Adrenal glands in a positive way, and I am excited to get on this type of therapy again. I will keep you posted on that.

    Exercise With Oxygen Therapy
    I am in the research phase of this therapy, but I got to tell you that it strikes my interest. I have not come across enough personal testimonials on it. In fact, I did a search on here and someone else asked 3 years ago if anyone tried it and she didn't receive a reply. So, the court is out on this therapy, but like I said, it has peaked my interest.

    Take any good out of this you can to help yourself. Ask any questions and post any experience, keeping in mind it is meant for the good of all. If you don't agree with my posting, please excuse my methodolgy of clumping these topics into one thread and allow me to search for alternate healing as I see fit. I do have the goal of helping myself and dragging along anyone else if any of these therapies work........No false hope is intended. No insult is intended. I have nothing for sale. God bless everyone and I hope this note finds you in a good hour. Joe

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