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    Well my wife has had the symptoms of fibro for about ten years or so. We never realized what it was of course until this year after I bought the Fibromyalgia for Dummies book. She still never believed it until she was out of her normal pain meds and unable to get more. She was forced into actually listening and understanding how many symptoms she had. Well two onths at a treatment facility later and wow I can not believe how great it is having my wife back. She so believed in the program she jumped at the chance to help other as well. I am not rying to sell anything here just purely informational. If there are others like we were without hope and going backward please contact her and let her explain her story, share yours and make your own conclusions. And one more thing I am unbelievably proud of her for making the commitment to get well and help others.
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    Well Willow first off I am posting because she was not home at the time and I was just trying to help her in her new job getting the word out about what she did. I did not post the clinic and all that due to not wanting to look like I was pushing a URL on everyone. First time doing anything like this and did not want to offend anyone. She went to the Fibromyalgia Care Center in Lake Tahoe California. Dr Paul Whitcomb's clinic. He has tried and done some amazing things with this disease. Check out the web site for more info and there is even patient testimonials there for you to hear. My wife like I said is a patient care rep and could answer alot more questions if you do feel like talking with her after you read and see the site yourself. I included her email in my previous posting. The web site is
    I sure hope this helps and that you too can feel better soon.

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