FIBRO SLEEP with sedapine, i cant believe

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    that this is working for me!! i have tried every sleeping aid otc, and perscription over the last 17 yrs for my insomnia . never, have the otc (health food stores) worked. on another thread i mentioned that i was on lunesta and tamazapam rotating nightly. but it is not working that well anymore.

    well i just got home from the hospital with bronchial asthma, and all hyped up from the prednisone and antibiotics that they gave me . still on them.

    i was like a crazy woman from the side effects of the pred. baking and eating the whole cake in the middle of the night (dont bake, and dont even eat much sweets) but the cravings were insane. not to mention the depression, and weird feelings in the body. yet it did have a side benefit. took all the cfs fatigue away, and fibro pain.

    and i absolutely could not sleep a wink. i thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown. ive been home for a week and maybe one hr of sleep a night. wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed. i felt confused. i guess this is what sleep deprivation does to you. ive been on pred before , for the asthma attacks but not iv or for so long.

    didnt mean to ramble but, what i really wanted to talk about was the FIBRO SLEEP that i had ordered right before i got the bronchial asthma attack. it saved me from all this horror. i got sick right after it came in the mail so hadnt tried it yet. and was afraid to try it with the pred and antibiotics in me when i got home, but was so desperate last night, that i didnt care if i lived or died. still nebulizing, coughing, choking , phlegm, no sleep. its just too much. so i took it with the tamazapam at around 11.30pm and went out like a light, and woke up at 3.30am. i thought well this is good, because with the prednisone making me so hyper , i thought it would never work. so i took another one and it knocked me out again until 9.30am. i felt like a new person. amazing what sleep can do for us. it is our medicine.

    this is a miracle for me!!!!!! it may sound small but this is big. because if it can work with the prednisone making me so hyper , i have big hopes for it working when i am finished with the pred i purchased it right here at ph, and it is not expensive.

    i know we are all so different especially with this insomnia thing, but please friends do give it a try. i have bad stomack problems as well , gastroparesis, ibs. and it didnt bother my tummy at all. didnt give me one side effect.

    i do hope it will keep working and im not setting myself up for a fall.

    once again it is FIBRO SLEEP with sedapine.

    god bless us all, as we struggle on this journey


    p.s. thinking of asking the doc if i can stay on very low dose of the pred, since it does take the cfs fatigue away. especially if i bone up on the calcium, potassium, mag and D. which it depletes. what do you all think?

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    So glad it's working for you!
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    I'm so glad to hear the fibrosleep is helping you so much! It seems especially cruel that with all our other problems, sleep can be so difficult.

    I would be very concerned about staying on prednisone even with upping your supplements. Read up on it. The side effects of long term use can be really really bad.

    If you haven't already, look up Jacob Teitelbaum and his recomendations for energy (do a google search for him, it's the first hit), also Dr. Sarah Myhill and her recommendations (she has a website too)

    Take care -

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    I was addicted to Ambien for 3 years and finally got off of it. I too take Fibrosleep and am so happy because it does help me.
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    thank you all for your sweet replys. the fibro sleep is still working, and im almost done with the pred. script. titering down.

    i must say it is a big temptation to stay on the pred. but i do understand the ramifications of it. i spoke to my pulmonary who perscribed it, and he said he has no problems perscribing it for me. but to check with my primary first. now we are only talking about very small dose here, like maybe 3 grains. i will also speak to my shrink about it. believe me i will do my homework.

    i cannot function with this profound cfids fatigue 24/7 any more, im at the end of my rope. even if i just stay on it for one yr. i would be happy for one good year.

    i guess my body is one big inflammation, and the pred. did the trick. also thinking if there is an antidepressant that addresses all this inflammation that i get. will ask the shrink that. i tell ya, this pred. got my brain working . im angry now and want to try different things.

    ive tried it all, diet, supplements , accupuncture, chiro, massage, vit drips. antidepressants, anti inflammatorys . 17 yrs of this.

    time for some changes.

    thanks so much for listening, and for all your replys, love you all, joaniexoxo
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    Hello joanierav,

    First of all I'de like to say I'm Dutch, so my English might be hard to understand sometimes.

    Glad to hear this is working for you. I guess a I know exactly how you feel. I have had serious sleeping problems for years now. Years ago I had a sleeping test and it turned out I never reach the final stage of the sleeping cycle (4th stage REM sleep I believe) in which you're body rests and heals.

    I also have Crohn disease so I'm suffering with inflammation as well, this started about six years ago and this is also where the sleeping problems started. In the beginning I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (I believe this is what it's called in English), about a year later with ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and last summer I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections (about 4 or 5 of them). So because I never reach the final stage of the sleeping cycle, my body (immune system) never heals. Also because of the Lyme of course, because this could be considered an auto immune disease.

    So last night I took my first Fibro Sleep one hour before I went to bed. Earlier this year I tried hemp oil, because this could help with your sleep as well. But it gave me palpitations (?), panic attacks and sweat attacks at a certain dose. Fibro Sleep kind of gave me the same stoned/high feeling as the hemp oil did. It started working after about a half hour and after 45 minutes I was so fusty (?) I decided to go to bed. So I really felt it was working or at least doing something with my body, but it also gave me a mild feeling of panic when I tried to go to sleep. Fortunately it didn't turn in to a panic attack and even when I felt my heartbeat rising it didn't turn into palpitation. I was in bed for like ten hours and when I got up I still felt kind of stoned/high (about two hours ago).

    Does anyone on Fibro Sleep recognize any of this? Or maybe have some sort of tip. I want to try this at least for a few days, but I want to keep the dose at 1 capsule. Because I'm afraid 2 capsules could give me palpitation and/or a panic attack. I'm not on prednison, but I am on anti-inflammatory drugs (mesalazine).

    Thanks in advance,

    Tommy (29 year old)
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    This stuff is awful. I was doing relatively well, up to pee during the night 1-2 times, sometimes 3, and could have been sleeping and dreaming a little more deeply. The first night I tried Fibrosleep, I was up 5 times, 2nd night about 7. I thought maybe the magnesium in it was too stimulating, so I took a little calcium to counteract it - I was up over 12 times to pee last night. What a croc!!! So disappointing......
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    I just checked out the ingredients because it sounded so good and I'm desperate for some sleep. Unfortunately it has melatonin in it so it's a no go for me as I've had a bad reaction to melatonin....severe hallucinations. It's too bad because the rest of the ingredients sound very good. norxgirl, I wonder why it made you get up so many time in a night...counterproductive for sure. Last night I took an ambien that I had left over from a past rx. First night sleep i've had in soooo many weeks. Praying good nights of sleep for all.