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    I am going to start a Fibromyaliga study for the University of Utah on Wedensday. They are trying to figure out wether or not the pain gets worse durning your period. I have to carry a palm pilot for 30 days, do 18 home urine tests, and go in for 3 lab tests. Some of them are going to be within 2 days of my period starts.

    I was just wondering if any of you have ever done study like this before.

    For the people that would like to look at the study, the address is: (Edited to remove URL)
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    I have not participated in such a study but notice a huge difference in my symptoms with pms. Usually, a few days before my period starts, I feel NORMAL! Like I can do everything I want and not feel tired or pain and I think I must be cured!...then I realize it is about that time of the month, but it sure is great to have those moments. I hope this study helps us find help! Thanks for participating and hope it goes well for you.
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    I don't mean to sound cynical but I sure wish that more money were being spent on finding a cure for fibromyalgia or even more money spent on educating doctors about fibromyalgia than on a study to find out whether fibro is worse during that time of month. 99% of the women I have spoken to with fibromyalgia complain of more pain during their periods. There, study done! I think it stands to reason that the majority of us would be more uncomfortable during our periods. Does the university believe there may be a link between fibro pain and period pain? And how will this study benefit men with fibro as they are an ever increasing number of sufferers? I have had a hysterectomy because the pain was so intense during my period. Yes, the pain gets worse during your period. PERIOD. I will be very interested to look at the study. Please do not take offense at my reply. I am simply baffled as to what good could result from figuring out if fibro hurts worse during menstrual cycles. Just go into fibro chat room and ask the women in there how many more hurt worse during their periods! Don't have to pee in a cup to figure that one out. Maybe if I understood the purpose of this study I would be less skeptical.

    Sincerely, POOPED
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    OK I eat my words! I went to the above site and read what they have written about the study and it is explained in much more detail and their research goes much deeper than trying to figure out if we hurt more during our periods. This study should be very interesting. Thanks for posting the information. I tend to be very passionate! However, I am not obstinant and always open minded and willing to learn. I will continue to check on the study. Thanks again for the posting.

    Sincerely, Pooped
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    I will also check out the study as I definitely get worse when I have my period. I often wondered if I was one of few who had that problem, but I guess not. Sometimes things are just to embarrassing to ask. Thanks again, and I wish you lots of energy to work on this.
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    You can click on them on the left side just under the banner where you log on.

    We are not allowed to post URL's here. You may give the name of the website and if we want to visit it, we can use our search engines to find it.

    Thanks for your help.

    Love, Mikie