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    if I just buy one of the fibro supp.....the one that says it has all in thata the same as buying each one by itself ? I typed in Fibromyalgia and it gave me several or should I buy mag ,b12 etc....Im confused
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    This is a hard question to answer. Different supplements seem to help different people. It partly depends on your symptoms. I would go for separate ones. Those which have been most consistently helpful across most people are:
    Magnesium malate and magnesium chelate or citrate (magnesium citrate is the most bio-available ie. the Mg is best absorbed, particularly into your brain) The best form is sublingual drops but tabs/caps are OK. You will need around 300 mg per day
    Vitamin D3 because this hormone is deficient in most people and is central to immune function. (you will need around 3000 to 5000 iu per day) but this can be tested via a blood test. If you take over 4000 iu then you should up your magnesium to 400 mg
    Vitamin C as a key anti-oxidant and everything else needing too much space to explain (500mg)
    as vitamin c with ester c.
    note: be careful taking too many anti-oxidants as they can affect muscle function.
    DHA/EPA (Omega-3 fatty acids) combined with L-carnitine has some effect on fatigue (Avoid the Omega-3,6,9) supplements.
    zinc, a key immune system element
    possibly vitamin B12 but your doctor could tell you if you need it. If you are around 60 yrs plus then I would say yes, bearing in mind the absorption via oral is low.

    There are many others but I recommend these for a start. If you can get a supplement with those then that might me good too.
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