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    Any of you have advice on finding out if you have FM or not. My Dr. is very understanding, and often when I go into her she has said you really have a lot of the symptoms of Fibromayalgia, but it appears I am missing the main ones. I don't have the kind of widespread, dibilitating pain that you all seem to have. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for that, but really wish I had an answer for all the other things I DO have. the main thing I have in common with you all is that when I go to the Dr.(s) and describe some of the stuff they just kind of shrug and look at me like its psycological. I do sometimes have pain in a few if the places described if you hit them just right, but never seem to when the Dr. checks and then only in a few - not the required 11.

    I have a host of other things though. I get arthritis like pain in the joints of my right hand, weird muscular pain about the size of a half dollar that kind of travels around my right calf, shin splints, pain in a small spot right at the base of my skull on the left side of my neck, these weird episodes of a sensation that my head is rapidly falling to one side accompanied by this kind of electrical "hum" that flashes across the base of my skull, but it only lasts a second and I never seem to actually move my head. Funky very quick balance related things. When I sit at the computer for any length of time I get this sense of pressure building in my head and ears. If I continue to sit and work, I eventually wind up with a headache that lasts all day and makes me naseasu (sp?). Little pains in my ribs shoulder and collar bone that are almost like the cramps you get from breathing to hard. Painful swelling of my fingers - like when I was pregnant. I also have a bunch of heart arrythmias (PVC's) that the cardiologist says are benign, but scare the hell out of me. These symptoms seem to wax and wain in periods of about 3 weeks in duration. Does this describe any of you that have been diagnosed. I am so frustrated. I guess I just want to know what is wrong with me. Sometimes I just get so scared that I have some heart or circulatory condition that the Dr.s are just missing and it is going to kill me, leaving my little boy without his mommy! I know you all aren't Dr.s, but the Dr.s aren't doing anything for me anyway, so what the heck. Maybe I'll get some advice that will help me be less afraid. Thanks!!
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    The best advice i can give you is to see a Rheumatologist or a pain specialist. They seem to know more about these conditions then a GP. Also you could have myfacial pain syndrome or a numberous other conditions that give you the symptoms. I would find another doctor if the one you are seeing will not give you the referrals to see the specialists to see exactly what is causing your symptoms.
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    I do have pain as you described, but only in small areas, kind of like a set of pain will nag for three weeks and then move to another area. Like I had "cosotchondritis" for about a month, as that faded the calves started hurting, again for about three to four weeks, then headaches for three to four weeks, then arthiritis in the hands for three to four weeks. The only set of pain that seems truly constant is the balls of my feet and the palms of my hands. Any pressure on these areas causes them to hurt to the touch for a while. Almost like there is a little swollen tender spot right where toes or fingers meet hand or foot. The hands are only every now and then, but because of walking, squatting, and standing on my toes to reach something, the balls of the feet hurt most of the time. I feel like a woos for complaining when so many have it so bad, but it's the other things that worry me so much. Like the weird visual things and blood pressure like things that scare me. I don't have high blood pressure but have so many of the symptoms. Arrrg! it is so frustrating, not knowing what is wrong with me. Thanks again for the input though. At least I feel less alone
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    Have you tried keeping a pain diary?? I have the same type of pain as you and did not realize how widespread my pain was until I started keeping a diary. Plus you can take the diary to your doctor for them to keep.
    I have 3 children and wish I could take care of them better and do more for them!! I know how you feel about doctors and I use to think there had to be something that they were missing too. Hang in there and keep going to the doctor for tests.
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    Hi Alt, welcome to our world! It sure sounds like Fibro to me, but of course I am not a doctor, just a victim of Fibro for tweny odd years!

    You got some good responses to your post, so these is not much too add. Just wanted to welcome you to our board.

    I think Old-Dawg put it just right! my husband tells me I have "ONE" pain, and it just keeps moving around all over my body! If you wait awhile like Old-Dawg said, it will strike in another place in short order!

    I also though I was going 'crazy', untill I found a good old doctor that was familiar with what was called at the time: 'Fibrositis', then they changed it to 'Fibromyalgia' as it does not have inflamation in it, so they dropped the 'itis' off of it!

    Don't be afraid, it is not terminal, its just a miserable illness that no one really knows much about. I have had this pain for so long, I for awhile though I had cancer, lung problems, heart troubles, etc! Well I had none of the above! Just this misery that keeps hurting with all the side illness to.

    I have been at this for over twenty years, so if it was something that was going to kill me, I would have been gone a longtime ago, and I am still here.

    I had three small children that I was always worrying about that would not have a Mother. Well they are all grown now and I have two grandchildren. So put that though from your mine, you are not going to die! If I made it, so will you!

    Glad you found our board, as we do have some wonderful, supportive, well informed people here who will always be glad to help or support you as much as they can!

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl