Fibro symptoms VS. ADHD symptoms in young

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    I am growing increasingly concerned about my son's health.
    First let me say that my son seems overall very healthy. HOWEVER, there are some red flags that make me wonder about whether or not he'll be going down the auto-immune road I'm on OR if he has ADHD - with hyperactivity because my 10 year old daughter has ADD. (For those that don't know the difference, a short education... ADHD is the "umbrella" term for many Attention Defecit behaviors/disorders. etc. ADHD is also the classic Hyper behavior/impulsivity you see in a lot of children, mostly boys. ADD is the type whre the hyperactivity is mostly contained. That is - the normal hyper body movements, vocal outbursts, etc. This type of child, like my daughter, just is so "busy" in their head that they shut down and seem lost or dreamy. At times, especially at night, my daughter can also be "body" hyper.)

    Well, my son definitely shows some very hyper behavior and impulse issues at times. I might not think it was abnormal, but having one child with these behaviors already makes you cautious and suspicious.
    his other markers I have mentioned before. They are ones that I have had myself and now worry that in him, may indicate FM later.
    Though he can race around and scream at the top of lungs in short spurts, he is very tired a lot and can't endure. He is very, very difficult to wake in the morning. He has itchy skin on his legs. He has "growing pains" that are pretty pronounced. He is regularly constipated. (1 - 2 BMs a week.)He experiences great stomach discomfort when he eats too much gluten, especially white breads. (Gluten intolerant like me? It seems so.)
    And the real kicker is that we give each other massages and when I plapate his trigger points, the ones that are at the very low back over the buttocks are very painful for him.
    I wonder if it also means anything that he was almost 4 weeks preemie and that his bone growth has been tested to be delayed. Hormone testing results show that growth is normal. (He's small for his age.)
    I now what I need to do to look out for the ADHD, but I wonder what testing could be done to see if he has the potential of developing FM. Genetic testing I guess.
    I know I could have him tested for Gluten Intolerance, too.

    Any pointers or opinions?

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