Fibro, Thryoid and soy products

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    Hi Everyone...
    I've been a member here a while but.. don't get in here too often anymore..
    I do have a question tho.. I do have Fibro... and Chronic Fatigue..
    I have read where if You have problems with the thyroid and take medicine.. that You need to be careful of eating soy products and .. not eating raw cabbage... brussel sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli. Has anyone heard this? Plus.. Not sure if anyone is aware here that we shouldn't take sudafed and decongestants either.. nor our Calcium and Vitaman D within so many hours of taking our medicines..
    But my question is..
    I went to an adult toy party and even tho I did ask the woman about some oil.. it has pheromones in it but.. The first ingredient is Soybean oil.. .. Im wondering if this is Ok to use or not.. I haven't opened it.. I'm hoping to get my money back if possible if I'm not able to use it..
    If You go to the PartyGals site and look under oils it is listed..
    I sure don't want to mess up my medication and feel worse then I already do at times.. and then with the fibro.. I sure don't want to get that into a major flareup.. either.

    So just curious if anyone would know anything about this..
    Thanks in advance....

  2. lukro

    lukro Member

    The above site is the best for info regarding the thyroid. There has been an ongoing discussion (fairly recently) about eating soy.

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