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    Greetings All,
    I'm 32. Was healthy until I got IBS 10 years ago. Since then have developed Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia.
    I am posting in hopes of finding some feedback on an awful problem I am having.
    First, let me say...I eat great. I'm a vegetarian. I get plenty of calcium. I do not eat ANY sugar, and I do not take ANY medications for any of these conditions. I also practice good oral hygiene.
    The problem is, since I got Fibromyaglia 5 years ago, I have had 4 root canals and am supposed to have 3 more done. The other day, I was flossing my back molars and one of them just broke! I felt so sick and scared by this.
    The hygenist at my dentist's office said,
    "Oh, you have Fibro...well many people with that have tooth decay because it changes the PH in your mouth and creates an environment for decay."
    Great, right!!!???
    She then suggested I chew a gum called Xylichew which apparently contains a sugar called Xylitol, derived from birch bark, which is supposed to promote the correct oral PH and prevent decay.
    I went looking for this gum, and unfortunately, not only does it contain animal products (a no-no for vegetarians) it also lists intestinal upset as a possible side effect. With my irritable bowel syndrome...I REALLY don't want to mess with that possibility.
    In my research of this, I also turned up information on Sjogren's syndrome which is common in people with Fibro..but I don't have the symptoms of it. My mouth isn't dry...neither are my eyes, etc. But people with Sjogren's apparently have a high incedence of tooth decay.
    So, folks...what I am looking for is any feedback you can give me on your own experiences with this same decay problem related to your Fibro.
    This is very frightening for me. My conditions have forced me to be in a very low income bracket...I do not have dental insurance and am going nuts thinking about the thousands of dollars I need to find to have the dental work done for the next 3 bad teeth. And if this is just going to continue because of the PH/decay thing, I just don't know what to do.
    Please, if you'll take a moment to share your experiences with me, I would so appreciate it!
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    they would cover this...also if yo live near a dental school they can help out and make it cheaper to do the work...try our communinty coutnty dental clinic...savings for maybe a longer wait bu they will get you in...

    this is an iriritating thought states can take care of the prisoner teeth and health but not us low income....

    i have great teeth...maybe you didnt drink flouride you your teeth weree forming... or maybe you clinch or grind your teeth,i got to go my sleeping pill wants to check in now

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    Hello Mim73 ... this has been happening to me as well .. more so lately .. my teeth are SO SENSITIVE it is driving me nuts .. I have been using the "Sensodyne" toothpaste and thought it was helping .. but now it still feels the same .. porus and delicate ..
    Before this became a "sore topic" for me .. sorry about the pun .. not enough coffee yet ... I complained about dry eyes .. so my GP sent me to an opthomologist to test for Sjogren's.. but it was not a positive conclusion .. YET .. he has me coming back on a regular basis because of my Hashimoto's thyroid and the affect that has on the eyes.. I keep wondering if it will develope to the other condition.
    In any case .. I have no great advice to tell you .. other than there are a lot of us out here in the same boat .. and I do understand being a vegen is twice the work at finding animal free products .. I had a friend who was one and the work she went through would do me in !
    For now I just try to stay strict with brushing .. flossing as much as I can .. fingers crossed.
    I hope things will work out and get easier for you !
    Good Luck !
    Fudge : )
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    Hi Mim...I, too, have always had great teeth, and was shocked after Christmas when the hygenist said I am headed for trouble with lots of plaque, etc!! I have been suffering from a terrible dry mouth (due to meds which I am now off of), and she said that was a big problem...nothing to wash away the bacteria. She suggested swishing water around in my mouth periodically.

    Like, Fudge, I brush and floss and am very careful...even more so now. Wow, this is tough, and I'm sorry about your situation. The suggestions of a local dental school/clinic were good ones. FMS plus the rest of the baggage that comes with it is a tough of luck to you! Ann
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    Go have your blood checked for your calcium levels. You may have Hyperparathyroid issues.

    Not to insult your intelligence, because I don't know what you've already, tried or know about, but the parathyroid glands (NOT the thyroid) control calcium in our bodies.

    My mom had it and didn't know it because she didn't have medical insurance and couldn't afford the docs. But we remember when her teeth just started breaking off. She would take care of them, but it didn't matter.

    Make sure your calcium is ok in the bloodstream. Besides, if you're taking calcium and your calcium is too high in your blood, it can kill you. I'm not trying to scare you, just giving you advice. Get to the doctor and make sure.

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  6. elsa

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    My teeth weren't great before fibro ... now it's down right scary. That was good advice about checking your calcium levels. You may have already done this ... My doctor ruled this out in the very beginning when he was ruling out the other possible suspects.

    Most of my teeth are capped now ... but my gums are great ... Thank God! .... The other day, for no reason (wasn't chewing on a brick or anything) one of the few teeth that are not capped (crowned) chipped. The enamel just chipped off on the corner. The whole tooth didn't break off ... just chipped, left the underlying stuff exposed.

    You'd think I'd be in knee crawling pain but that's not the case ..... That in itself is a really bad sign! I know I am going to end up with a mouth full of implants before it's all said and done.

    I wish I had some good advice for you financially on this. I did read an article not long ago concerning dental work and insurance coverage. Insurance, whose job it is to calculate risk, have not come up with an exceptable formula for offering full coverage for work needed.

    Some are obvious ... They are not going to cover a top of the line teeth whitening procedure any more then they don't cover face lifts ... they are not medically necessary.

    I guess they also see root canals as not medically necessary ... you can pull the tooth and keep on living.

    I wonder what their answer is to cardiac patients who's life does depend on getting an abcessed, infected tooth cleaned up, root canaled and capped?

    Anyway .... have you approached an oral surgeon about time payments? Insurance and the dental industry have a long history of not working together, so dental practices are used to working out financial arrangements.

    I wish you well on this ... I am in the same boat. That tooth that chipped has got to be fixed .... probably will have to be pulled and then an implant replace it. Not cheap I can assure you.

    I try really hard to be a "half full" person. In this instance I keep reminding myself that fibro is not going to kill me and I don't look (besides my chipped tooth, LOL) like a person who is ravaged by an insideous chronic illness.

    One foot in front of the other .... Keep you chin up girl ... we'll figure it out and then we'll have the best smiles on the block!!


    PS ... I almost forgot ... Look up Mikie's recent post concerning Dr. Chaney's three phases of CFIDS. You'll find that dental decay is something that occurs in the first phase(?) .... After I read that post, I knew I was a poster child for Chaney's theory.

    Anyway, look it up here on the board. It explains the "why" of our tooth decay problem.

  7. Tigger57

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    I know it is very difficult to get good medical or dental care because of our "forced" income situations.

    I've been calling around to try and get some assistance with heat and electricity. I haven't had any luck. Tell me, when they say you are one person and have an income of... whatever... and you don't meet their requirements.. why does it matter how many people are in the house? If only one person is working and no one else is, there is still the same amount of "space in the house" that needs to be heated.

    I'm sinking fast. My poor brother has been helping me as much as he can, but he's retired. He's also trying to find me a 40 year refinance on my home... which is amusing when you figure I'll be 49 in April so with this "disease" (I still refuse to call it a syndrome!), chances are slim that I'll live those 40 year... and I don't want to. Not with the pain that goes along with it and gets progressively worse (even though the "experts" say it doesn't... HA!!!!

    Gee, I use to be able to go see someone or do something on the weekend. What am I doing today? I'm staying in even though the temperatures are very warm for January here in Rhode Island. I have the heating pad on my back and an electric blanket on the rest of me. I'm so sick of being sick and then working full time for a bunch of men who seem to thing women are brainless. I got hit with that yesterday... give it to the "boy becacause he has a degree"... I have two of them and one with a double major. So, does that mean I'm stupid! Apparently! But they don't know that... they will!

    I started to write this tirade when jodieplace wrote: "this is an iriritating thought states can take care of the prisoner teeth and health but not us low income...."

    My blood pressure when up about 20 point and the more I think about it the more it irritates me. You can be sure I'm going to start sending emails to my "beloved goverment workers" NOT. They will hear from me.

    Thank you for the mission. Anger is a huge motivator for me.
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    My teeth are so bad that I have a full denture on top and a partial on the bottom. My teeth just rotted out. I always brushed them, saw a dentist etc, but they kept on breaking. I have a dentist consultation in Feb. to see what we can do. I wuld love to get implants, but they are $1600 a piece- my mouth would be worth a small car. Wish me luck....jaime
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    My doc recommended I chew xylitol gum everyday. She recommeds it to dentists. Doc said it kills bacteria in your mouth. Doc stated you wont get any cavities. So Ive been chewing it and no side effects. I chew 1 or 2 a day. I asked the doc if there would be side effects. She replied no. Also anyone having problems with their sinuses this should help. It keeps the jaws moving and therefore drainage occurs in the sinus cavities.
  10. Adia*

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    Have you tried using Stevia oral rinse and stevia tooth paste? You can also just chew on stevia leaves &amp; make your own tinctures from the leaves. I have also read that stevia is suppose to help with fibro fog as well.
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    common in fibro due to acid. acid from acid reflux or ibs. chewing gum will not help that will increase the production of salvia and make it worse, any sugar free gum usually contains some sugar substitute which also irritates ibs, along with the activation of salvia because the mouth is preparing to digest food thinking you are going to eat something. there is a toothpaste made by biotene it has extra fluoride in, biotene also makes a gel for dry mouths which also aggravates tooth decay and gum disease. do not brush you teeth directly after eating because the acid produced when eating will still be present and you will damage the enamel. along with brushing also important to use interdental brushes to clean the bottom of the tooth near the gum, a common cause of toothdecay. another thing, do you grind or clench your teeth? what with the acid, this action can also weaken teeth and you may need a gum shield. &lt;BR&gt;
    all the best
  12. Juloo

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    I was going to ask about Sjogren's before I saw that you mentioned it. My father-in-law had it, and he had a terrible time with his teeth.&lt;BR&gt;
    As for me, I've had quite a few dental problems - crowns, a bridge, a root canal...trying to hold off having another one of those. I think just about ALL of these have to do with me grinding my teeth at night. Bruxism is something I've dealt with since I was a kid, and I got little to no help with it at ALL from any dentist except my current one. And even then, I had to do all the legwork on research.&lt;BR&gt;
    So for now, I am using an appliance that is marketed for snoring - Pure Sleep. It is a boil and bite type, similar to sports guards, except that it has a top and bottom. It sets my lower jaw forward just a little (it has more than one positional setting) so that it discourages snoring (which I also have). And it prevents me from hurting my tongue or cheek when I brux - saving me waking up in the middle of the night with my pillow looking like a crime scene.&lt;BR&gt;
    But the weirdest part of this is that since I've started using it, I've been getting good checkups. I don't know if this is a coincidence (I've always brushed and flossed), but I wonder if it has something to do with preventing oxygen from getting to my teeth at night. I am wondering if this somehow slows the growth of bacteria.&lt;BR&gt;
    Anyhow, just putting it out there!

    Postscript: Edited for typos.

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    Wow, your post really had me interested and I will tell you why. I am female, 47, and I have Fibro, migrains and TMD, or TMJ. The last time I went to a dentist was back in 1990 where I have 4 cavities and my wisdom teeth pulled. After that, I lost dental insurance, but had to visit a maxilofascial surgeon because of my TMJ probelems, he fitted me with a splint that I had to wear every night because I grind my teeth horribly.&lt;BR&gt;
    It is now 22 years later and I do now have dental I took the plunge and went to a dentist my co-worker recommended. Along with my Fibro, I have extreme anxiety, and I informed the staff at the dentist office of this, they were wonderful to me.&lt;BR&gt;
    I am not sure if what the staff at your dentist office said was correct because of this, I was terrified to go to the dentist because I thought I would have dozens of cavities, root canals, other extensive work to be done because I stayed away for so long. My dentist and hygenist were astounded at how healthy my teeth and gums are, I only have 4 cavities, no plaque, no gum disease, nothing, except they told me I would need braces because I was born without 2 teeth. I already had braces when I was 12 to 15, but my teeth spaced apart anyway during all this time&lt;BR&gt;
    My sister, however, who does not have Fibro has the same problems that you have, I am not entirely convinced that &quot;fibro&quot; people have more dental issues because my teeth have been abused for 22 years, with very little dental problems. I have very bad Fibro, I tried everything to help control my Fibro, but I live very limited.........and I thought my problems with teeth would only add to the misery. My teeth are not cosmetically pretty, but incredibly strong, it is possible that you have &quot;soft&quot; teeth, and this means more dental problems, my sister has soft teeth, mine are like rocks, very strong. &lt;BR&gt;
    I am extremely grateful for this, and could kick myself for staying away from the dentist for so long out of fear. The only problem is, I do not have insurance to cover orthodontic braces which would cost me anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000. dollars. I wish you the best of luck with your teeth and can only imagine the misery of this on top of your fibro. Teeh are incredeibly individual and some people are just more prone to dental problems, regardless of whether they have a nasty condition like fibro or not. The hygenist I saw told me that she sees patients who have plaque build up and cavities forming every year, this is why I was soooooooooo afraid to go, but it wasn't the case with me. &lt;BR&gt;
    I understand why you would be frightened and I wish you the best of luck. Hugs to you Chelz
  14. IanH

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    is vitamin D.&lt;BR&gt;
    When you got IBS your vitamin D levels would have done a dive. Worsened when you had greater increases in pain (FM). Your vitamin D levels were probably already quite low. Vitamin D is associated with dental enamel cycling as it is with hair cycling. When you have low levels (below about 25 ng/ml) your teeth will be more susceptible to decay especially where you have micro cracks in the enamel.&lt;BR&gt; No matter what your diet or how well you care for your teeth there will be a problem.
    I would recommend a vitamin D blood test and supplementation of 5000IU daily. calcium is rarely the problem but of course if calcium intake is low it won't help.&lt;BR&gt;
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