Fibro/ viral vertigo

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by crickett, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Anyone else have or had gone thru this. I have been going three straight weeks dealing with hearing problems severe sinusitis nausea dizziness cycling in and out called my dr back and told me to take non drowsy sudafed and it knocked me out. I just pray that this viral vertigo does not linger on for a long time
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    Hi Crickett
    I've had vertigo problems off and on, but it's only lasted a day or two.
    I'm assuming it's because of FM, because I'm not ill with anything else while experiencing it.
    Strange, isn't it? And, I have not gone to see my doctor about it because it will go away by the second or third day! Besides, I'm thinking he won't be able to tell me why I feel "dizzy" and "unbalanced"!
    Let me know if u ever get an explanation for it!
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    yes, vertigo can be part and parcel of fibro, if your doctor thinks it maybe an inner ear problem then get it checked, what i do know is fibro affects the muscles behind the ear, muscles are attached to tendons, tendons to bones, so tight muscles can cause us to feel off balance. i have varying degrees, sometimes i am just off balance and nauseous, other times i cannot get out of bed cos the rooms spinning and i have to crawl to the toilet, but it does come and go, all the best x
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    My husband has had vertigo (a most dramatic form that he adjusted to over time as the dr. told him he might). He had 3 or 4 attacks, so to speak, that decreased in their severity until he did not have any further episodes. He was prescribed Meclazine and an anal suppository (to stop nausea and vomiting).

    I have been experiencing postional vertigo. The attacks are severe but quick and mostly occur when moving from lying down to a sitting position and sometimes from a sitting to laying position. They come and go and have been going on for 6 or 7 months.

    I have no idea whether it is related to viral infection or bacterial or what. I have been having ear pain and discomfort for awhile now. I also am receiving endontic therapy with calcium hydroxide which is replaced monthly. Above the tooth that is being treated is an infection that so far has not responded to the therapy. I just recently finished a round of anitibiotic for an abscess that developed along side this tooth. Somehow, I think that this tooth treatment and the infection have something to do with my vertigo. But I could be wrong.

    I did talk with GP and she gave me a sheet with an exercise that is suppose to help. I have not tried the exercise yet but I have learned to keep my head in place when the vertigo hits and stay with it rather than trying to stop the spinning immediately. The spinning subsides in a matter of seconds.

    It has been very disconcerting for me but I do not experience the nausea and vomiting that my husband did. On days that are particularly bad I am very careful moving around. I will try the exercise thing eventually.

    I found the site below about vertigo. I was not aware of the infection connection before reading it.

    Good luck.

    Vestibular Disorders Association-VEDA Recognizing the challenges of
    inner ear disorders

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