Fibro w/o Insurance in WA State.

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    I apologize if this post is in the wrong place... I am poor in energy and rich in pain.

    My husband went back to school about a year ago.. The state is paying for it on the TANF program. We have a 13 m/o son. The state also supplies us with insurance. If you can call it that. It's Molina and I have to go to the only doctor in the area that takes it. He is mean spirited and doesn't care about my pain. He never has the time to listen to me, let alone care. We survive on only a few hundred dollars a month so I can't pay out of pocket...

    What I am wanting to know is if anybody knows of any way for me to see someone who can help me. I am in so much pain that I can't sit, lay down or stand right now.. I'm sure you understand. It's been this bad for over a month and seems to be getting worse. I need help. I don't like to take pills and honestly I don't like the way pain meds make me feel. But, right now I really wish I had a couple as back up to make it through these terribly painful and exhausting days. My husband doesn't want me taking Ibuprofen anymore because he's afraid of the effects it is having on my body.. and it doesn't do a bit of good anymore anyhow. I was taking 800-1000mgs twice a day, every day. I want to be able to hold my son without wanting to cry. I'm trying really hard. My insurance does not cover massage and my doctor won't even refer me to a specialist.. possibly because my insurance wouldn't cover one. Is there some kind of free pain clinic I can go to? Or even sliding scale? I'm in WA state.. I'm sorry if I'm not making very much sense, I'm so fogged out right now. I just want to cry HELP ME.

    Please someone have something to tell me.. I'm getting to my rope's end.

    Thank You.
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    Thanks for the tip about putting WA in the state... I took your advice. Hopefully someone out there can help. I also appreciate your suggestion about SSI, but unfortunately I have applied and been denied twice. I am told that I haven't worked enough in the recent years to get it.
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    It seems to me that they tried both SSI and SSDI but told me that I didn't qualify for either. I didn't want to force the issue because my husband was working at the time.. maybe that's why I couldn't get the SSI. And since he stopped working and has been going to college, I have had my son to think about and the extra effort was something I couldn't afford. I guess I thought I could make it through a couple of years without a problem.. Should have known better. The fibro has been at it's worst the past couple of months. DSHS wanted me to have a paper filled out by a doctor stating that I am disabled, but the doctor that I have to see flat out refused to fill it out or write a letter or anything. He claimed not to have the time and state "I think you SHOULD work". I was flabbergasted and in tears. So, thankfully my husband is taking the summer off to work or DSHS would cut our benefits because I can't work but don't have the paper filled out. That buys me a few months but what then? They told me to find another doctor but there isn't one unless I were to drive two hours away which takes gas that costs money we don't have and what doctor is going to fill out that paper having only seen me once?

    I'm sorry to go on this way... I appreciate your suggestions and I think I will go ahead and apply for SSI. The pain is getting so bad that I consider going to the ER, but that will put us further in debt and it would only be a temporary fix. The doctor I have gave me a muscle relaxer, but it doesn't do any good. I may get a bit sleepy, but it doesn't seem to do anything besides make me snippy. Molina did cover Lyrica, which I put all my hopes in and they were unfortunately crushed because it did nothing good for me.

    Thank you much!
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    If you post what county you live in, that would help us to be able to link you to other services.

    Be careful about the free clinics--some of them will not see you if you have any type of health insurance regardless how useless it is.

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