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    Oh my.....

    Well my day on May 10, started out by be getting up early, (that's a first), because I was really excited about attending this function. I mean, I even wore my bondo,(make-up), blew dry my hair......which I have not done for a long time and waited patiently for the hour to arrive.

    We left my house about 9:00 and as soon as I walked out the door, I knew that I was going to have a good day. The day was so beautiful...I'd say 75 degrees and when we arrived to the park there were about I'd say, 100 people there and they were oh so nice....they however expected 300. They gave us a T-shirt to wear and a goody bag that contained a lot of information which I will share with you in piece work. I'm sure that it was pleasant because everyone there had something in common. We talked about support groups, how they needed people to join their group to help get the awareness out there, the upcoming Newsweek article....etc, it was really a day to remember. I mean,I even talked about starting a support group for the Hispanic community since they don't have one. They are currently sending out pamphlets and such to be translated in Puerto Rico. I told them they did not have to go that far, that we, and to be honest with you, my girls could help out with the translation. Oh what did I get myself into? :)

    For breakfast, they had bagels,fruit and juices it was all you can eat. For lunch we had sandwiches, which were so good, chips, drinks, cookies and jamba juice. So you know I was in line more than once!

    They had several booths with information on Fibro, Noni juice, books on how to deal with Fibro, a booth with a massage therapist to provide on-site massages, doctors who treat fibro where also there to answer questions, they had a group of children perform some sort of ballet/tap dance..I mean they had enough information readily available and made sure we were entertained.

    For the children, they had puppet shows, a table with all sorts of activities and clowns to make them laugh.

    Well I guess you want to hear about the walk.....Well the walk was supposed to talk place at 10:00 but apparently that same day they were have a Bike-a-thon we had to wait just in case they came we wouldn't be knocked down or run over. :) Well, once the gal in charge found out that it was a 50mile bike a thon she said that she doubted that they would be there anytime soon. So we all got ready for the walk.

    It was so nice, they had a ballon arch and right across the arch was a rope. This was going to be the first Fibro walk ever and they did it with class....except one thing....they forgot the scissors and went running to the childrens table to get those scissors that hardly cut. Well, somehow they were able to cut the rope and pictures where taken and of course, I was right up front with my support group. To bad we can't e-mail pictures on this site.

    So anyhoot, we were off and slowly walking. How did I do? YOu would have been proud of me. I was able to walk from one corner to the other and then my hips and legs started giving me problems. But I was proud that I had made it that far. Just to give you an idea, me and my daughters were first out....and before I knew it, I turned around to see who was behind me and I was the last one left in the crowd. But you know what? I did what I could and I am so proud of myself. Then I thought to myself, my excuse? I could not walk so far because I was walking for all of you and the weight was tremendous! :)

    But I was also dedicating my walk to ALWAYS A ROSE and thanks to your suggestion Lifedancer, I carried a rose behind my ear as a token for her....and we both walked together hand in hand held each other up...but proudly.

    I know that a lot of you find yourselves in my shoes where we can barely move at times, but you know what? It takes the desire to fight for what you believe in to keep you going. We can't do it alone......we need each other to keep us strong.

    So next time you hear of an activity in your neighborhood, please attend and give them your support even if you just sit there and enjoy the outdoors. Or better yet, you can start your own support group right where you live. I've seen that there are people from all over the world on this board...and some of you are neighbors...

    With this particular group I'm sure that they had high expectations since they took the time and wrote a blurb in the local newspaper and such......but just that fact that 1 person showed up....I'm sure was all they really needed to feel the satisfaction of accomplishment.

    Remember these types of activities ARE for YOU and only you can help make the difference!
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    I am very proud of you COOKIE...You deserve a Huge Hug from Each and Everyone of US!!! People like you I am not affraid to call a REAL FRIEND (even though we have never met)..Now a days a REAL FRIEND is hard find and keep..God Bless you my Friend...lagm
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    How wonderful! I wish I could have been there. Just to feel the comeraderie with other FM sufferers would have been fantastic!
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    Hello Cookiemonster:
    I haven't written in a long time but read the message board everyday. I was wondering if there is a web site where we can write to get the information that you recieved at the Fibro Walk-A-thon. I have had this DD for 45 years and as the rest of you I to have been miss lead as to what was wrong with me. The bad part is I have no insurance and we have just moved to Florida. I was told to go to the Health Department here. So at least I can get my medicine and get out of this pain. Iget the headaches so bad and we do alot of walking my husband and I and sometimes I get such bad pains in my legs and feet but keep going. My husband is on a medical retirement for his back and he has to walk everyday. I mean there are some days I can't go cause I am hurting so bad, but I try to go everyday. I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for the information I have gotton from this site. There is so much I did not even know.
    Thank You all from the bottom of my heart:
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    I got out of bed this morning very late and didn't want to get out of bed at all. I think it's fair to say that I'm depressed a bit. I read about you walk-a-thon and it gave me such hope. Thank you for doing it and for cheering me up. I'm going out for a walk.
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    and envious too. Sounds like so much fun. Something I could sure use some of. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and was able to walk even just a little. Sounds like something the rest of us could start planning for next May 12th. Charlotte would be a good place for it, don't you think?

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    I really wish I could have been there,too.I didn't even know they had such an event.I haven't been here for some time.Today,is the 1st time for awhile.My Dad passed away March 27th.It's been hard for me.The Fibro has really kicked in.Stress and depression,it's been really awful.Anyway,I just wanted to thank you for going to this event for all of us.May I ask where this event took place?Thanks again.Take Care! Beth