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  1. MsBrandywine

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    Hi Everyone.. has been a while since being here at this forum.
    Lots has been going on..and havent been around ..
    Not sure if some of the same people are here or not.. but.. I just started checking in from time to time.. But today have a question..

    Has anyone been out of a flare.. and get teeth pulled.. Do you go back into a flare? I know my face is black and blue.. well greenish actually today.. Had them pulled last tuesday on the 2nd.. Its not as swollen as it was but having terrible pain.. that comes from out of nowhere on the side of my head and face.. around my like a stabbing pain..

    Is this normal? I know the nurse.. she was trying to hold my chin down.. I think she did it.. or caused the black and blue mark.. I wasnt under for it but awake.. Im too much of a booby calf to be put out.. but I know my neck is still very very sore.. feel like someone run over my head and neck..
    Has anyone had teeth pulled and have any kind of experience from it that you can share..
    I get panicky thinking that I have to go back and get things done over..
    ACutally I had 4 pulled.. but.. not sure if they took the wisdom one out on my lower left side or not.. if so.. that would be 5..
    I kind of felt around but its still very swollen so Im not sure.. it feels like its a lump there. I did have to have stitches too.. 3 teeth on my left side and 1 on my upper right..
    Guess I will have to go see my regular Dentist and have him check.. but boy its too sore to get my mouth open very wide to have them check it yet..!

  2. Smiffy

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    Hope you are able to rest & will soon be feeling better after your ordeal MBW.
  3. ldbgcoleman

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    Trust your gut if it doesn't feel right. You may have an infection! Better safe than sorry. Good Luck Lynn
  4. MsBrandywine

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    I call call my Dr on Thursday. I felt so bad. I mean really bad. like there was an infection or something it was all hot and I felt like I had a slight fever. She did give me a prescription for clindomyocin.. been taking it every since. plus some darvocet.
    I still get not so much as stabbing pains now.. but kind of like prickly sensations. in my face.. y uck..

    I did have to get the 2 back molars out on the lower right side.. 2 yrs ago.. I dont remember having so many problems like this .. back then.. plus.. they were both abcessed.. and I was under heavy antibiotics then.and a regular dentist pulled them!..
  5. Vada

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    WhenI had my lower left wisdomtooth removed, I was in a twilightsleep. However, after the work was done Ialso had the prickly feeling which I found out was the nerves around the tooth. I wound up having no sensation on my left side partially until all feeling finally came back about 3 years ago. I encourage you to let your doctor know. LaVada
  6. tandy

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    I think you have an infection~
    Thats good that they have you already on the antibiotics.
    Take the whole script for,..don't stop after 2 or 3 days.
    Make sure you finish the whole bottle....or you could relapse. I did have something close happen after wisdom teeth were pulled. The prickly feelings I thought were the infection.??? not sure but within a day or so on my meds I started to get better. Try to drink some water to keep hydrated well. I think your suppose to use ice the first 24 hrs or so to reduce swelling.
    I used warm salt water a few times a day and just very lightly,swooshed it around in my mouth,..then spit it out.
    That helps alot~
    I hope your feeling better soon.
    Big hugs
    (cause I HATE dental work!)
    your post makes me wanna go lay down.
    I remember the feeling like it was yesterday.
  7. 69mach1

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    i am a disabled regestered dental assistant, i can't do it anymore cause of the fibro, and neck/back,carpal tunnel in both hands. etc.

    i have worked for periodontists, did you pue the ice on the outside of your cheek like they reccomended for the first 24 hours 20 minutes on then off fo 20 minutes wis we reccomened, warm salt water rinses, and moist heat on the outside of cheek area there after and do not hold it there all day all hours alternate again mosit heat, did you relas the first day no exercising, less is best, exercising and moving all around will cause swelling the blood gets flowing and causes swelling, which causes pain. you should be taken some advil possible. brusing is nautural, somtimes the injections will cause it not fault to the dentist, and i'm surprised they didn't dispense the antibiotics before you left, they could've called the script in before you had your surgery. but better luck next time, just relax and yes numbing and tingling can happen and it can comeback it is no fault of the dentist or surgeon the trigemal nerves around your mouth and that's the dr's are doing to numb up. take care