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  1. sherrydenice

    sherrydenice New Member

    Long story short....

    Starting in 2002 I had a burning sensation on my upper arms like a sunburn. Went to the dr.... he sent me to a rheumatologist who told me it sounded like PN. He ordered a MRI of my neck and it was fine. I also felt bruised all over my body.

    This all went away. In 2003, it came back but, WORSE... it happened when I went to see my eye dr. for an eye disease I had. I told him about the burning in 2002 and he suggested I get tested for MS. It freaked me out! I went home and all the burning started OUT OF THE BLUE! I started reading on the net and found Fibro... then I started aching all over.

    I suffered for 4 or 5 months and ended up w/ major anxiety and depression from worrying so much! I got on Zoloft in Septeber 2003 and within 2 weeks, I was back to normal!!! The dr. said that all the crud I had been experiencing was from anxiety/depression. It made sence cuz the Zoloft got rid of it.

    Well, I would have break throughs of burning here and there but, no biggy. I got off the Zoloft and 2 months later, it all came back. I have gotten off and on my Zoloft 3 times now. It always come back when I get off of it.

    My symptoms are mainly burning sensations on my skin (my face is the worst) and a bruised feeling on different parts of my body. One day it's my hip, the next it's a thigh or calf area.

    I did see an MS specialist on 2 occasions who told me it's NOT MS. I have no clinical signs and my MRIs are perfectly normal.

    I do have achiness in my feet, legs and arms after setting or sleeping but, once I get moving, I'm okay. No muscle pain to speak of. I sleep well.

    Does this sound like Fibro?
  2. mindbender

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    It sounds like half & half. You sleep good? Does the bruising feal like you do when you have the flu? As far as zoloft goes, I had to get off it bacause of sexual side affects, and not in a good way. Now i take avery high dose of Lyrica. Zoloft must have different affects on females.
    The sunburn part sounds about right. How about switching Drs.[This Message was Edited on 09/26/2006]
  3. sherrydenice

    sherrydenice New Member

    It sound like half and half what?

    I have seen a bunch of drs. Two rheumatologists, 3 neuros and a few general practitioners.

    The bruised feeling just hurts when I lean up against something or even when the metal part of the seatbelt (when I don't thave it on) that is behind me in the car is touching my arm.

    I can press on certain parts of my body (upper arms, thighs, calves) sometimes and they just feel bruised. I have only had the flu twice and I don't recall it feeling like this.

  4. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Every one has differet symptoms. My skin burns in certain areas then it goes away and comes back when ever it wants. I have what I like to call the pain of the day. It shifts, one day it will feel like a sledge hammer hit me in the hips. The next morning would be my knee. I could go on. Some people say it feels like having the flu. Walking around w/ it every day. I agree w/ that. My body hurts every day all day. The Lyrica doesn't remove the pain, it just puts it in the back of my mind, and gives me a few precious hours to do things. I think it helps me fight anxiety also. I get muscle cramps in every muscle if i use them strenuosly for just a few seconds.
  5. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    insomnia usually shows up right away. There is a post from ellie (which for now is right under your post) w/ a web sight that gives symptoms. They probably won't be there long because one of the rules for this site is no posting others web sites. You probably can get that list from this site. You can also diagnose yourself then inform your Dr. Force the issue, and be done w/ it. One of them will give you a diagnoses. Thats what I did.
  6. sherrydenice

    sherrydenice New Member

    Both of the rheumys I saw said that a couple of the symptoms could be from Fibro but, I do not have the tender points or bad muscle pain (thank GOD!).

    I lost about 2 yrs of sleep after I had my son because I breast fed and he decided he wanted to wake up throughout EVERY night. When I finally stopped (in 2000) I started sleeping again. I wonder sometimes if missing 2 yrs of sleep could have caught up w/ me 2 yrs later. Also, I was traumatized by 9/11 and all of this started 6 mts after that. I wonder if it's a PTSD and depression/anxiety thing.

    I am scared to death of this being MS... though I have been told that it's NOT.

    I know Fibro sucks but, I can deal w/ that knowing that I won't be disabled... and I can put my mind to overcoming it.
  7. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    It could be just about anything. I know that sounds cliche, sad but true. Look I'm bypolar, and have serious anxiety issuse. If that caused the fibromyalgia, then why did I have it all my life? Chronic fatuige Syndrome, doesn't have tender points. I don't have those tender points , but I got diagnosed w/ it. I naturally have a high tolerance for pain, (living with it all my life,) higher I beleive than any Dr could understand. They don't take into consideration. why don't people w/ high stress jobs naturally have these diseases? I'm extremely sensitive to chemicals. I can't stand going places. Why do I have to take such high doses of Lyrica? Get one of them to put it on paper. They probably think you are a hypochondriac. Even though we know that's not true.One of them needs to put it on paper, mild case or not. Think about this; Our forfathers aloud Americans to posess fire arm, no country would consider a ground war here. They have to attack us behind our backs. Their attacks are all for show. I've got to go feed the farm animals. Mabye I'll catch you later.
  8. sherrydenice

    sherrydenice New Member

    So you think my symptoms could be caused by something else othhr than Fibro or MS?

    Is that what you meant by "it could be anything"?

  9. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I meant that mostly to Drs and the general public. They don't care. I'm just trying to tell you that your going to have to do all your own research,home work, and subtly persuade them.It looks like you've been at this for a while. If you have depression or something else. I imagine this could be caused by that. I'm no Doc I just feel that the person them selves know what's wrong. Or have a general idea where to start. The Docs will take your money,that's for sure.
  10. m5shelly

    m5shelly New Member

    I have fibro, but couldn't find info on why my skin had a bad burning sensation. It was mainly in my legs, but sometimes in my arms and torso. I just couldn't answer why my loose clothing, just brushing against my skin would make my skin burn so bad...
    It took me three years, but I found the answer. It was the fabric softener I used in the dryer. Simple dryer sheets, adding some type of chemical to my clothing, that would have an adverse reaction with my skin. I just stopped using fabric softener in the dryer, and it's all gone. Sometimes the hubby will change a load for me, and put them in, and I can tell after a couple hours of wearing those cloths. I just use fabric softener in the washer now... not the dryer sheets.
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  11. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I can't beleive that list. That's the first time I've seen that. I've got most if not all of that. Thank you. About the dryer sheets. I didn't even consider that, but your right. I only mentioned chemical sensitivty. That sums it up for me. My wife has had to change detergents, and pretty much every thing else that triggers a reaction in me.
  12. sherrydenice

    sherrydenice New Member

    My burning is not like a skin sensitivity. It's more of a nerve burning. My face burns the worse and I don't use much of anything on my face. And I know it's not dryer sheets because I usually don't use them. Plus, I get the burning on random spots on my legs that will last like 1 or 2 second then go away. They are usually around my knees or on my shins. It's very odd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My face burns right now kind of like it's been slapped or something.

    Is your skin burning more of a "skin" thing that nerves?
  13. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I put in garage doors for a living, (not much of a living) and I was pretty good at it. When I would go on a service call, the customer would have to show me what the problem was w/ their door. Alot of times the door, or operater would not act up. Then I would have to guess on what the problem was based on my experience. If your problems don't occure while your at your Dr visit then your Dr either has to guess, or just flat out not believe you. I've gotten the I don't believe you eyes one to many times. So impowering your self w/ your own knowledge about your health is your only option. Your version of burning doesn't sound like mine, so I don't know. Did the list above help you at all? Multitudes of health problems are nothing new to most of us.
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  14. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I do get these: occasional burning on the surface due to chemical and water sensitivity. I also get slow muscle burns, that are some what lessened by my meds. They are so constant that some times I forget they are there. Like I said, I have a very high tolerance for pain.
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  15. sherrydenice

    sherrydenice New Member

    What do you mean by water sensitivity?

    The reason I ask is because hot water really stings my hands like it never has before! Just when it starts to get hot, I feel it more intensly than I would have maybe 4 or more years ago.

  16. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    I hate to admit it but one of my symptoms is HATING TO TAKE A SHOWER! Why,? I don't know. mabye because I don't discuss it w/ any of my Drs, couceler, or basicly anyone. Don't get me wrong, I take showers, but I hate them. It seems that the oil or what ever gets washed off my skin, and I'm not comfortable again until it is replaced by my system. Like I said, I have been dealing w/ this situation ALL MY LIFE. Yes it also burns my skin, and not in the normal way. I can't even explain it, so i can't expect anyone to understand, even my own family, whom I'm with every day.
  17. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    We seem to be carying on a discusion. This is wearing out my spelling abilities, constantly minimizing and checking my online dictionary. I like talking, don't get me wrong but me wishing the farm animals were virtual aint gonna make it happen. Their not my animals but if I don't feed them, then the lady I rent from would be doing it. she's older, and could do it, but I don't like seeing her do it. Thanks for the list of side affects. Some people call them effects, I think they are affects. I've got to go feed them fellers, (cows).
  18. m5shelly

    m5shelly New Member

    I personally am not a fan of showers either. I also take them, because I have a professional career that wouldn't last long if I didn't, but I don't like them.

    The main reason is the skin's reaction to water temperature and additives. The second reason is I get so cold when finished, that I can't dry off and warm up fast enough to be comfortable.

    I guess I never considered that common... I just thought I was strange. It's crazy how much things that affect my life with FM, that I had never considered before... like dryer sheets, showers, medications, etc.
  19. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    cause I gotta go. I have to be honest with you. I live in you fill in the blank Ohio ok. This water comes straight out of the ground. That doesn't make it any better. I'ts loaded with minerals and such. The drying off part is right on the money. Right when the weather changed, boom my fybro acts up.

    Ps we don't drink the water

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